Friday, February 5


I've spent most of my day cleaning my home......ugh. As soon as I become rich and powerful....someone is getting hired to clean my house and cook, I HATE cooking. :-) I just want to come home and it all magically be beautiful and dinner ready ...

I've been conversing with Krystle off and on all week - for the next couple of Hello Ladies posts. You're gonna want to read them all, because there will be DIY (do it yourself) for Valentines, Romantic stories, our top 10 favorite romantic movies, some romantic playlists possibly, could be a giveaway ... you just never know and it's going to be a lot of fun. So keep checkin' over there.

I made an AMAZING diaper cake (my first one) with the theme of Star Wars ..... I can't post pics till late Saturday or early Sunday, because she will totally see, soooo, be looking for that.

There is a super great giveaway at the Teapots and Robots blog! You should totally go check it out, because ..... Hello Ladies was chosen as one of her Fav Shops and she asked us to donate something for a giveaway ..... we chose a super cute set of coasters
(one of my personal favs).
All you have to do is go there and leave a comment on her post and there are a few additional ways your can enter, but you will have to go read all of that on her blog.  :-) AND she is a local gal like us, so please head over there!

well I will check back in tonight when I have more intersting things to chat about.....



Krystle said...

Mandy, I feel like we talk more through text/email/facebook than we do in makes me feel like a lame friend haha P.S. I'm super excited about romantic stories I've been working on mine :-).