Saturday, May 29

Totally got my iPhone!!!!!

So the day after I wrote my last post, the iPhones went on sale at walmart and I totally snatched one up. I am writing from it now....trying out a blogwriter app. If any of you know a good one, let me know.

Tomorrow we are having all the youth from the church come over and swim and eat.... I'm pretty excited about it. I spent the evening cutting up japaleno peppers for a super amazing recipe that I will share really soon.

Chat at ya soon!

Wednesday, May 12

I'm back.....again

yes, I am back......again.   :-D

SOOOOO much has happened over the past couple of weeks, so let me break it down for you....

On May 2nd my oldest brother's house burned to the ground. They lost everything in the house including a most beloved dog. People came out of the woodwork to help them, and I think they are starting to get back on their feet. Praise God - no one was home or injured.

May 5th was my parents anniversary ----- I think it was their 30th or 31st.... I know, I'm a bad daughter for not remembering....oh well.
Still looking great and getting better all the time!  Love you! smooches!

May 6th was my step-daughters 7th birthday! She is such a cutie pie and I love her dearly!

May 9th was mother's day of course. My mom was in Texas helping my brother and his family with their house, so I didn't get to spend it with her. BUT she got to spend it with her mother, so that made me happy!
(i couldn't find any pics of me and mom......will have to take some soon)
That's mom's brothers, sisters, and mom. Grandma Green 94 and still kickin! Love her SOOOOOOO much!

This week has THANKFULLY be slow. Other than I had to get a huge slide show together for our church Baccalaureate Service.....which I finished today.... thank you Jesus!

This weekend it going to be AMAZING....... Krystle and I (and Brand - our driver) are headed down to Austin, Tx for the first every Renegade Craft Show in Austin.
Krystle and I are going to craft all the way down and all the way back.....7 straight hours of craftiness!!!!! woohooo! AND we are going to try and meet Elsie.....
whom I adore and have been "blog stalking" for about 6 years..... it's a bad addiction, but I can't help it. ;-) My hubby is driving us, because he didn't want us traveling alone....I was upset at first, but then I realized that I couldn't craft if I it's working out perfectly.

The honeysuckles are out in full force here in Central AR..... I am loving driving around with the windows down (and the AC on of course) and that smell infiltrating my senses...... ahhhhh .... lllloooovvvveee.

I have a rose bush from Brand's grandma's house that I dug up about 6 years ago.....has never really produced more than 1 or 2 roses.... this year ....................... blooms everywhere. (would take a pic, but I can't find my little camera...)
something like this, not this big, but that many blooms. Weird. I think it heard me tell Brand that if I didn't see any flowers this year that i was going to dig it up and move it or get rid of it.... maybe I should threaten all my plants.... heheheee

Will be back more I promise. It's been crazy, but I miss blogging about my little crazy world. OH I will be back next time to tell you about trying to get a harness and leash on my fat cat....too funny!

Have a blessed week everyone!