Monday, January 31

My Wonderful Weekend

After the horrific Thursday I had, my weekend completely made up for it! Friday morning I got a call and my parents wanted to go spend the glorious day out Flea Marketing in Conway. So I got ready and we headed out. I had a blast! We got to spend lunch time with Krystle at Slim Chickens (yummy-o) and then we went back out. I got some pretty spectacular deals, though I didn't get pics of everything ... :( but here are a few from my day.

I bought a TON of buttons, most of which were pretty unique, so I was happy!

I bought this super large pic for my office at CPC - only $30.00. what??? I know!!!
I found this pic amusing....

my dad and a stuffed .... something....

you find the craziest things while at flea markets - this is a drawing of the Clintons' cat Socks.... was $117.00..... no thank you.

cutest broccoli figurine EVER!!

I SOOOO wanted to buy this vintage dress..... but who would wear it??? no one.  :)

fell in love with this tea set... who wouldn't

saw an antique switchboard! I had never seen one up close before, it was amazing.

heheheheee - i feel this way sometimes.  :)

found the CUTEST blue hippo!!! Think I am going to use it in children's church to tell stories.

mom and dad - sorry mom, you moved....

bought a cute hat!

stayed clear of the jack in a box toy...... pure evil

was super tempted to add to my collection.... i have about 10 of these types of cups in different designs and colors... i heart them.

and a beautiful sunset followed us home.

I also had a movie night with the kids in Conway on Saturday, but I am going to do another post on that. It was a super great weekend and I had a blast. Thanks to my mom and dad for pulling me out of the house, I needed it.    :)

be back with another post real soon!

Thursday, January 27

Frazzled Day

today was pretty much the most frazzled day i have had in a REALLLLLLLYYYY long time. It all started yesterday when I was stupid and accidently downloaded a virus on my work computer........ yeah ......... it took our computer guy 'Joe the Computer Hero', about 3 hours to get it to come back on and me be able to work. As soon as he left, I put all my documents, movie, and music on dvd's - well as many as I could - and then hopped on the internet for just a minute.... and the virus came back. I unplugged the internet, shut off the computer and went to church and then home. This morning I turned on the computer and ........ nothing. So I have been scrambling from computer to computer, and printer and printer, it's been a mess.
Here is the deadly virus, Joe was AMAZED at this thing! Whatever....

This was my office today. It is usually semi-clean, but not today. It was a super crazy day, I am glad I had Ladies Craft Night to go to tonight, or I might have gone home to cry, just from sheer frustration.

I got good news yesterday 
I am SOOOOO excited! I will be bumming it up tomorrow and watching this!

Anyhoo I am hosting a Movie Night for the Children's Church in Conway on Saturday and we are watching Despicable Me..... Krystle and I are thinking of cute ways to make twinkies look like little minions from the movie...... I will post pics if we figure it out.

Did I mention I am in LOVE with this dress???? Because I am.

Have a great friday everyone!

Monday, January 24

My Cooking Saturday!

This past Saturday I participated in the Dinner's On Connection Group at CenterPoint!!!! We share a TON of laughes, we made about 5 tons of food and made some new friendships!

Noodles for the Chicken Spaghetti

Crystal W - keeping the kitchen clean

Melissa working on an egg wash for the Pork Chops....or the Cheese Stuffed Chicken.... not sure.  :)

Finishing up one of the Chicken Pot Pies

Starting on my own personal chicken pot pie...... yumm-o

our 43 pounds of minced onions.....heheheee

Boiled chicken

Lisa - taking charge!

a word of prayer before we got started....thank goodness we started with that!

getting started

Savory Pork Chops

I am SOOOOO looking forward to next month!

k - bye!

Friday, January 21

It's just Ridiculous!!!

It's just ridiculous..... that is my loveseat.... as of this morning

As of an hour ago ....... YAY!!!!

It's just ridiculous that the Christmas tree is STILL up in my dining room!!!!
As of this morning......

As of this afternoon ...... YAY!!!

It's just ridiculous that there is NOOOOOO SNOW on this front yard! Our weather people said 1 to 2 inches.... does this look like 1 to 2 inches?? Nope!

That's all I got for today. 

Monday, January 17

Laws of Teamwork

So as I have mentioned before our church has started a new campus in Conway, and we are super excited about this, but it has been a TON of work. Some of us are not only pulling double duty, we are pulling triple and quadruple duty! Last year during the summer I started and never finished the book "The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork" by John Maxwell. Our Pastor had gone through the book with the congregation on Wednesday Nights and I had always wanted to dig deeper in the book. This year I have picked up where I left off last year and am determined to finish and use the knowledge I learn in this book! I am on Law 13 and I have 7 pages of notes!!!! It has been the most enlightening book I have read in years! If you work with a team.........READ IT!
Some tidbits from the book:
"One is too small a number to achieve greatness"
"It takes a team to do anything of lasting value"
"The strength of a team is impacted by its weakest link"
"Winning teams have players who make things happen"

After I finish this book I will be moving on to this book:

On a completely different note ...... I think I may be addicted to Call Of Duty: Black Ops.....
I'm completely giving Brand all the blame!!!!


Friday, January 14

Dinner and a Movie Night

Tonight after we picked up the girls, we decided to have some yummy Chinese Buffet!!! We always enjoy our fortune cookies, and they did not let us down tonight!
( i couldn't rotate the pic.... sorry)

After dinner we chose the movie Despicable Me, which the girls had not seen yet. Such a cute movie! This will be the first "KOT:Conway Movie Night"!  We are pretty sure that the character Agnes is a spin off of Gabby.....

 Watch it.... you'll see!

This pic is just for your viewing pleasure, this is Matt - one of my sound guys in Conway. I finished my lesson WAY too early, and the boys had a little tooooo much fun with the extra balloons.   :-)

Tomorrow we are going to hang advertising door hangers for the church in Conway, it should be a great day!


Wednesday, January 12

2010 was amazing 2011 will be Spectacular!

Hi everyone i hope you had the most amazing Christmas season you have ever had, I know mine was pretty special! AND it's already past the New Year, SOOOOO Happy New Year!

Let me just say 2011 is shaping up to be the most fantastic year of my life, and I am chomping at the bits to move ahead. Normally I stay pretty light-hearted on the blog, but I want you guys to connect with me though all areas of my life, so I will be sharing a bit more here and there.

I am excited that this year cute hubby Brand and I will be celebrating our 10th year of marriage!!!!! It's hard to believe! I love that man more and more each day!

I am trying to plan something special, maybe a rededication service or something..... I don't know, the wheels are turning. :)

I will also be turning the big 30 this year!!!!! That's REALLLLLLLY hard to believe! It was just yesterday I remember turning 16! Where does the time go? I feel like this year is going to be pretty much the best one ever! I don't know why, I just have a feeling!

This past Sunday .... it SNOWED in Arkansas!!! About 6 inches, it was magical and I loved every second of it .... from inside looking out the window. :)  No, Brand got out the 4-wheeler and we went around the block and giggled a bit, but that was enough for me. I was kinda sad when I forgot to make a snowman, it is kind of a family tradition to make funny snowmen. Well though I didn't make one, my brother and parents did and they are super cute!

It was a royal mess here for a few days, but it was beautiful.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!