Tuesday, December 21

Christmastime is here!!!

FINALLY!!!! If you have been following this blog at all this year you already know how insane this year has been. I thought it might slow down during the holidays.....WRONG-O.

Conway Campus
It is finally coming together! It is so exciting to see all my ideas come to life! Krystle and I had a major issue with an orange color....ugh, had to paint it brown, but it is still cute. Still not sure how we are going to construct a huge hot air balloon in our 3,4 and 5 year old class....but our fabric selection is the cutest and it was on SALE!!! WOOHOO! I love finding good deals.

My best friends gave up their time and sleep to help me get these rooms semi-ready for our "rehearsal" services Dec 5th and 12th. I had 3 kids in the nursery the first service (one was mine, but it still counts).

Craft Shows
We participated in more craft shows than we could shake a stick at. Some better than others, but still had a great year. We've really settled into our own this year, finding what we are good at and what sales and what doesn't. Our newest item is crocheted headbands with flair!!! We are pretty excited about this newest addition, and even more excited that I can actually crochet this item.

Girls Night Out


Friday, December 17

Red Christmas

Christmas is WAY toooooo close for comfort! So to calm my nerves at the fact that I still don't have all my Christmas gifts bought, I thought I would share some cute Christmas pics in the red color scheme!  :)

Fabric wrapped wreaths.....so love it!

Reindeer Pin - eeeeekkk the cuteness!

love, love, love this shirt!!!!

Button Wreath! be still my heart!!

ahhhh - i feel better already. may need to do this again tomorrow, bear with me.  :)
hope your christmas season is treating you well!!!

Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

I am a sucker for a great Christmas Movie, and I am super picky about which movies I like. They have to be upbeat, they have to be happy, and if they have singing .... major plus.

#5 - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - I love how whimisical this movie it. It oozes Dr. Suess! love! "6:00 dinner with me - I can't cancel again!!!!"

#4 - "The Preacher's Wife" - great singing, cute lead character!...... it's amazing!

#3 - "Elf" - one word - enough said. Plus I love Will Ferrell.  :)

#2 - "Holiday Inn" - Great singer + Great dancer - spectacular movie.

Another movie that I can quote every line, every song, I can close my eyes and watch the entire movie in my head.

#1 - "White Christmas" - Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney ..... what more do you need?

From "The Best Things Happen While Your Dancing" to the great version of the boys singing "Sister, Sister", it is a non-stop awesome movie. I could literally quote the entire movie, and sing every song. We played the movie during one of our craft shows and Jess and I sat there and sang every song and laughed our butts off!

what are some of your favorite christmas movies??


Monday, December 13

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

If you want to get into the christmas spirit....you should head over to the Hello Ladies Blog and check out our 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge. Each day we will post some activity for you to day and win a super fabulous prize!!!!!!

Will be back later today for some Christmas Posts of my own.....  :)