Tuesday, April 27

Where have you Been???

Me.... right here, being SUPER busy!  :)
But I'm back after having a serious "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" moment this week.

Let me recap the last couple of weeks in some pics.....

First "Grill" night of the 2010 season, it was AMAZING!
Corn on the Cob....better when it's fresh from the grill, but we didn't have time.
Grilled Broccoli - YUMMMMMM-O
These are the most fattening potatoes on the PLANET, but taste heavenly!!!
The family loved it, excuse the pics...I snuck the camera to the dinner table.

Remember a couple of posts ago that my cat liked to lay on her back.....well, YAY I finally got pics of it.
Such a silly cat.

Our Youth/Church had our 7th Annual Big Press - a high school bench press competition.... it was a great time. We had 83 lifters and 21 people asked Jesus in their hearts and lives.... couldn't ask for a better night.
Our guest speaker was Rotnei Clarke - Razorback Basketball. He did an amazing job!
Alyssa and SarahBeth
Krystle working the stage camera
ME! Working the "crowd" camera.  :)


I graduated from the Indie Biz 2.0 class.....well I haven't "finished", but I'm printing my diploma anyway.
AMAZING class - made lots of new friends and once Hello Ladies gets back into the swing of things, we will be applying tons of stuff I learned in this class.

Sunday at Youth, we played "Human Fooseball" ..... it was crazy and too funny!

Yup, that's my brother - anything to get the crowd crazy and happy..... or scared.
We popped both of the ball, so we had to quit.  :(

This morning I woke up to find a mutant spider in my kitchen sink.... {cue "jaws" music} It was just sitting there, planning out it's day, thinking about what kind of coffee it was going to order...... I had to wake up Brand to take care of it.
My Hero  :-D

On that note - here is one of my new favorite songs.....
(I don't know why it's off the page..... but you get the idea. If you want to see the "full" version.... link)

Have a great day

Thursday, April 22

50th Follower!

Wow - have I been absent or what? So sorry, but life has just been crazy, crazy, but I will get back into the swing of things.

1st of all - my BlackJack 2 phone died  :(   - so I am down to a hand me/hand me down and it is .... yucky.

2nd - I've been at work/church just about everyday for the last 2 weeks for one reason or the other.

3rd - I've been super duper uninspired ... you know how it is.

So beginning this week, I am picking myself up by the boot straps and getting back into the blogging world!

OH and HEY I reached 50 followers today...... yay for me and for you! :-)

Will be back tomorrow for a "real post" - I promise.


Friday, April 9

Meet the Family

Not much going on over here in the Deitering world, so I thought I would introduce you to the family.  :-)  AND I never realized how difficult it was to take pics of these goofy animals, so excuse the pics.

Meet Dot
We picked up Dot from a lady Brand worked with and she has been the most interesting cat. She has NEVER liked to be petted past her head and neck area....she hates it, she will bite, yell, run....she doesn't like it. She also enjoys finding ONLY black clothing, fabric, purses ... and sleeping on them. It's true, the darker fabric, the better.  :) She is also our weightiest cat, weighing in at 16 pounds....yes 16. Her nickname is "heavy d". She had a distinctive orange dot on her head....hence the name, we almost named her "india" because of the dot .... but we didn't want to have to explain her name all the time.
She is not a fan of children, loud noises, the sun, wetness, people ..... pretty much everything. :) She's a middle "child" like I was, so we love her.  :)

Meet Twilia
This is my baby. She has been with us for 6 years and I think she is my favorite, because I am the only one she really loves and lets pet her. She has a TON of attitude.....a TON. She doesn't like people AT ALL, everyone is afraid to pet her, and they should be, she has scratched the mess out of several people. I warned them, but they didn't listen..... She adores the outside, but we don't let her out too much, because she has no fear of dogs, and would rather face them head on and hiss at them, than run up a tree....no bueno. So she sits infront of this window and dreams all day. In december she had to have some vet visits because she scratched her ear so hard (ear mites) that she ruptured a blood vessel in her ear and it filled with blood and ..... it was yucky. So after the little operation, she now has a deformed ear, but I think it makes her look cuter.  :-)
She sticks her tongue out alot.....it's funny....she snores when she sleeps.....she likes to lay on her back (funny looking, can't quite get a pic of it).... she loves the smell of grease, like car grease, if Brand has been outside working on something, she will love him and sleep on his clothes.... she weighs in at 12 pounds. She's my baby girl.

Meet Abbie

We fostered Abbie and her sister about 2 years from Brand's mom, when their mom died. She was named Abbie for being a little Abnormal. She has 6 toes on both front paws, 4 on the back right foot and 5 on the back left. She is a camera hog...but she likes to walk right up to the camera and not hold still or show no interest....so we get a lot of pics like this
She is a light weight, weighing in a a whopping 5 pounds (if that), she HATES baths with a passion (the other two, don't like baths but they will tolerate it). She gets into everything.....everything and she also loves to sleep on my fabric, purses, clothes, clean laundry......etc. She also likes to talk, has a great fondess for toliet paper....well any paper, she likes to "help" me craft, "help" me type...... she sleep between Brand and I at night, and she is one crazy cat, and she was one SUPER cute kitten....

Anywho, that's us. At any point in time we may add to this bunch, it happens.  :)
Have a great day!

OH - I finally got to watch the mini series version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.....it was AMAZING. I will have to buy it!

Tuesday, April 6

Stroll in the Park

So as part of my New Years Resolution (kinda) I've decided to be healthier (kinda) and lose some weight. Not a lot, but I have a size in my brain so I am working towards it. ANYWHO, Jess and I have started walking every day(ish) around the park down the hill from her house. It's a 2.5 mile track and it is so very cute. Here are some pics from our walk today!
Lot's of Geese hang out at this lake....
If you look closely it's a mom, dad and little geeselings, about 6 little ones...super cute. We couldn't get close, because dad goose was very protective.
The pollen has been out in full force this week..... look at the yucky-ness.
OH and we saw a snake...you have to look for it, but it is right in the middle.

It was a beautiful day. I have Easter pics, but they are still on the camera and I am up to my eyeballs in cleaning my craft room, so those will have to wait. :-)


Thursday, April 1

hello flowers.

Yesterday I noticed that my single tulip had lived to see another spring. I planted too many to count, but this one lone tulip has come back for 3 years now. So cute!
Kayla (step-daughter) got in trouble last week while at her mom's and was grounded over the weekend she came to stay with us. So her and her little sister, Gabby, got to rake and clean my yard up! It looks SO nice. Gabby loves to work in the yard, so that wasn't punishment for her, but Kayla is not a fan of the outdoors, so it was a perfect punishment. I didn't get pics though, because Brand and I spent the day rearranging and cleaning our bedroom. It was LONG overdue! It is SO much better now that we have gotten rid of all the dust bunnies. BACK to the yard. I also have Iris' coming in and a little purple flower (may be a weed), I also have a back flower bed that needs some attention desperately. The girls may get to help me with that next time they're here.
 My mom is the one with the green thumb....she has a whole green hand, she can grow anything, and has saved countless plants from death at my house.  :)
It was another beautiful day here in Arkansas, Easter is Sunday!!! I am SO excited, I get to be in charge of the egg hunt for the whole children's ministry.....eeek! We are going to have a blast. Currently there are 1128 eggs in my office at work ready to be hid....need tons more, but it's a great start. I will post pics of our fun on Easter.

Have a beautiful day!

A little spring inspiration

Soooo, since the first of the year I've been semi-trying to lose 15 to 20 pounds before summer.... it's has gone okay, but I think I'm going to kick the weight loss into high gear after seeing these SUPER cute dresses over at ModCloth.com....

sigh.... one of you will be mine one day soon.  :)
Have a happy Thursday everyone!