Monday, December 28

And Good-bye Christmas....

So Christmas was amazing this year, as it always is. I made all my neices little "critters"....I took pics, but I haven't got all my christmas pics on the computer yet, so those will have to wait. I think one of my favorite presents that I made was Sarah's sweat pants.....

They are "Mrs. Jacob Black" pants. I had SOOO much fun making them and she told me that she loved them.

The Deitering family also had out family pictures taken this year, and made into Christmas Cards and then into a big 20x30 poster (from Wal-mart - $18.98). And then today I went out and found an ugly framed pic at Savers in NLR for $3.00 and did a little cosmetic work and WALA .... a cheaply framed pic of ourselves that looks amazing!

<--- ugly pic $3.00
<--- YAY!

I went out today and bought some material to get started on some AMAZING things! I am pretty excited about 2010, it's going to be the best year yet!


Tuesday, December 15

Really?? 3 Weeks?

 can't believe I haven't posted anything in 3 whole weeks! It has been non-stop since my last post, but that is really no excuse. Thanksgiving was wonderful, as always, other than my mother-in-law was sick and could be at the gathering, no could I, because I had a massive headache. Brand went and hunted for about 3 days and came back with a small deer, I made a mess in the living room with all my craftiness.......a successful weekend all around
I've been busily making Christmas gifts for all my nieces and I think I am about finished wit the "cutting out" part, and then the sewing will not take very long at all. They are going to be SUPER cute and the girls will love them. I will post pics a little later, when I find my camera charger to actually take pics. :)
Last night was the last "Ladies Craft Night" of 2009 at CenterPoint Church. We had a great time and it has been a lot of fun, I am going to start it back up in January and am really looking forward to see who is going to join us and crafty all year long.

I don't think I would ever use this, but it is amazing!

I totally want to try and make one of these before Christmas, but I don't think that will happen at all :)

OOOOO - I forgot to mention that I took pics at a friends' wedding this Sunday. It was cold, and cloudy, but we had a lot of fun, here are a few pics.... special thanks to Christy for showing me the "glow" effect.

My Best Bud Jessica was kind enough to take our family photos for a "Christmas Card" that may or may-not be sent out this year ...... hehehehee, oh well - great intentions :)

Hmmmm, I think that's everything for today, I do solemnly swear to post more often.
Have a great day everyone
NOTE: to veiw these pic a WHOLE lot better go