Tuesday, August 30

Our Special Night

August 11th was our 10 year Anniversary!!! We’ve been SO busy, that we didn’t get to plan anything super elaborate, but we did get to go to a super nice dinner! I came home a little late to find that my sweetie pie husband had bought me “10” roses…. so sweet… I know…. He then took me to dinner and didn’t tell me where we were going (I hate to make dinner choices,  I was SOOOOO glad we got in the car and he just drove.

He took me to Arthur’s Steakhouse…..Pretty fancy place. The kind of place where the waiter places the cloth napkin in your lap, and are nice enough to take away the dishes that you don’t need with your dinner. Brand ordered a steak and got to pick out his own steak knife from a selection of steak knives….weird. It was the kind of place I felt high powered business deals were done every day….arthurs_02
I ordered Alaskan Halibut, it was pretty good, I think an actual Alaskan could have cooked it better.  Brand had a steak sampler, it looked good and he said it tasted really good.
When we walked in, they asked us if we were celebrating anything special, we of course said we were celebrating our anniversary….. at the end of dinner the staff surprised us with this amazing chocolate dessert! And a super sweet message……... I ALMOST shed a tear, almost, but I pulled it together.
We came home and ended the festivities in true “Deitering” fashion….. we played some BlackOps. 

If you are in Little Rock, want to have a very fancy steak …. visit Arthurs Steakhouse!

Monday, August 29

Girls Night Out 2011

This past Friday was our 9th Annual Girls Night Out! This event is for our teen girls 6th – 12th grade, we decorate the sanctuary and other parts of the building really neat-o and prepare a pretty amazing night for them. They show up for registration at about 7 pm and this year we ended at 2 am. In years past we have gone from 7 pm till 7 am….. that was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. We tried some new ideas on d├ęcor and they turned out really cool.


Yarn wrapped balloon pods – awesome idea….one of the most messiest crafts I have ever done….. GLUE everywhere!!!!!! Although it was AWESOME to let the glue dry and then peel it off like when we were kids.








We started the night with Dinner, then Praise and Worship, then Pastor Jessica spoke about having and being a voice in their generation. After she spoke we had Wild Drink Mix time. Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke mixed with any 2 flavors they wanted……we had mango, strawberry, blue raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and a whole bunch more. They girls loved it, and then had them name all their drinks. There were some great ones.


We also did a 90 minute workout with Richard Simmons (totally awesome) and then we decorated cupcakes, had some girl talk time, played some relay races and then we went home. It was a memorable event and I look forward to our 10th anniversary next year! If anyone wants any details on what we do, or how we pull these nights off, just send me an email. justmandy0811@yahoo.com.



Saturday, August 27

Sweetest Gift Ever!!!

Last Wednesday Night I received the sweetest gift from the cutest kids ever! Quick back story: A the summer camp we had in June, Devyn brought a Perry the Platypus pillow and we had in depth conversations about our shared love of Perry…. it was good times.
WELL, last Wednesday I was at the front doors of the church – opening them for people, when Devyn comes up and hands me a Perry Bank….. I looked at it and told him how AWESOME it was and then tried to hand it back to him. He handed it back and told me he bought it for me! I had tears….real tears! PRECIOUS!!!
He even wrote me a cute little note on the bottom!!!!
Sigh, this is why I work with kiddos, they are SO special and I love them!!!!


- UMMMMMM – this will happen when I kids…… totally -

Tuesday, August 23

ugh….trying a new offline blog writer.

the last one crapped out on me, so here I am trying a new one…… 

the hope movement

Monday, August 15

So Soon.......

At the end of September me, my husband, my best friend and her husband are going to Gulf Shores for our annual vacation. We haven’t been in a while 2 years to be exact and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to go. Here are a couple of various beach pics to make me feel worse that it is only August. :-)
gulf shores
gulf shores 2
shell island, FL
beaches 1
So Soon, So Soon. These pics are all over my desktop.

Tuesday, August 9

10 Years, 10 Wonderful Years

Today my husband and I celebrate 10 years of marriage! Wow, it seems like forever, but like it was only yesterday.
I remember it being such a crazy day....Not just the normal wedding craziness, just crazy life stuff. But, we had a really fun wedding, so all that craziness just went out the window.
2010 tx
It’s been a great and awesome time being married to Brand. People gave their opinions that the first couple of years would be the hardest years of your marriage.....none of them were hard years. Did we go through a few things, yes, but it was never hard because we were together, we worked it out together and we moved past it together.
beach kiss
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love him!
Florida Trip 163
easter 2011
Because I believe I have finally hit the ranks to where I feel comfortable giving marital advice, here are a few things that I have observed, been through, been told, or seen. Take them or leave them, but I feel our success has been because we have done these things.
snow pic
Don’t Settle Because You Are Afraid of Being Alone - It breaks my heart to hear people give up and settle for what they think is the "only person" out there. DON’T SETTLE!!!! Wait for the one God has for you! WAIT! I was 20 when I got married, and people gave me mixed comments that I was too young and then others think I was the right age. I hear 21 year olds saying that they wished they were married, they’re sad, and think they will never find love...GAG, just wait. I came to this point in my life....I had to be happy with me and Jesus and if no one ever came into the picture...could I be happy? I decided that I could, then Brand came along a year later. Just Wait! It’s not always easy, and it’s not always fun. Don’t Settle.
picture 5 017

The Hard Look - Forget everything you feel - all the ooey gooey, lovey dovey, and take a hard and realistic look at your relationship. Is it going to work?... honestly? Can you really see yourself with that person for the rest of your life? The good times, bad times, hard times, awesome times? Do you believe the same? (that’s a big one) Where are you gonna go to church? Does he want kids? Do you want kids? How are you gonna raise them? Does your family really like him? Do you really like his family? Can you live with the flaws in character? Really? This is SUCH a big deal, I can’t stress this enough, do an inventory, and if there are concerns....address them before you have fallen head over heals and then one day you realize that you can’t stand that he laughs a certain way, or acts like your father, or he spends too much money, or hates your friends, or makes you feel guilty when you want to hang out with your friends for an evening.... Be Honest with yourself. PLEASE!
mid america
Like Each Other - There comes a time were it’s just you and him, make sure that you don’t just love the looks, love them, and LIKE them. How many marriages end because they really never got the time to like and know each other?
Hangout With Friends - You can’t be around each other every second of everyday. Have friends that you can go out with as a couple. Or go have a girls day or guys day. People who encourage your life and marriage.
funeral pic 2011
Honor Your Husband - Treat him with respect. Don’t tear him down in front of his friends and family. ALWAYS talk him up, even if he’s not at that level. I cringe every time I hear a wife yell how stupid her husband is in front of her friends while he is around. The male ego is a fragile thing. I have not mastered this by any stretch of the imagination, but I am working on it all the time.

Don’t Lose Yourself - No matter how long I’m married I still want to be me. I still have the same hopes and dreams I had before I married Brand. Some of them have changed to include him, but they never left. Before I met Brand my life was literally devoted to the church, to serving the people of the church, to seeing lives change when they come to church.......none of that changed when I got married. I didn’t spend as much time at the church, but Brand came along beside me and we serve together. He doesn’t get jealous when I am working at the church, he is proud of me. If you had a ministry that you have had in your heart since you were a child.....you better make sure the mate you pick has similar dreams. There will always be a part of you that will hate the fact that you compromised on what God called you to do.... Don’t do it. It’s shouldn’t be a fight, it should be pretty seemless. ALSO, don’t change your personality!!!!! If you say this..."I just don’t feel like I can be myself around him".....whoa.....Talk to a wide variety of friends, have you changed since dating or marrying? A lot of times you can’t see it, you’re in the love bubble, but your friends will be honest with you. AND if they aren’t, find some new ones. Have people around you that will tell you the truth in love.
2010 christmas
There is my 2 cents, take it or leave, but I hope you take it, because we have 10 years under our belt and not once have we had a fight that we didn't take care of before we went to bed that night. He has never slept on the couch, I have never gone to my parents house to cool off and sleep the fight away. Do we have our problems......OF COURSE, do we let our problem rule our life.....never. We have so much to do in this life that we haven't even tapped into yet, and I refuse to let our lives be wasted with stupid fights and disagreements.
I honestly cannot imagine how it could get any better..... but I know it can.  :)
Happy Anniversary Love!

Family News!!

SOOOOOOOOO -- My baby brother went off and got himself engaged to one of my best friends 2 weeks ago! We are excited, but not entirely surprised.
josh and krystle 2
josh and krystle 4
josh and krystle 5
josh and krystle 3
josh and krystle
Welcome to the Family! You’ve been dating Josh for 3 years, you know what you’re getting yourself into. 
 Love ya...