Wednesday, October 27

What have I been up to?

ALOT!!!  :)  But here are a few things that are getting my full attention!

CenterPoint Church: Conway!
We are starting a new campus in Conway and we are SUPER EXCITED about it. Here are a few nursery pics that I am totally in love with at the moment..... enjoy these!

I love!

Another thing - Hello Ladies Craft Show Season!!!! We have already been in 5 shows and have at least 3 more to go! busy, busy busy - here is a sneak peek of a few new things we are working on.....
(sorry for the quality)  but we are movin' and a groovin' along.

Sad Note: My dearest Grandma Green went home to glory in September, it was a great great loss, but she is in Heaven livin it up and playing Sorry and Trouble till the wee hours!

I am so excited to be back! I've missed you!