Monday, December 28

And Good-bye Christmas....

So Christmas was amazing this year, as it always is. I made all my neices little "critters"....I took pics, but I haven't got all my christmas pics on the computer yet, so those will have to wait. I think one of my favorite presents that I made was Sarah's sweat pants.....

They are "Mrs. Jacob Black" pants. I had SOOO much fun making them and she told me that she loved them.

The Deitering family also had out family pictures taken this year, and made into Christmas Cards and then into a big 20x30 poster (from Wal-mart - $18.98). And then today I went out and found an ugly framed pic at Savers in NLR for $3.00 and did a little cosmetic work and WALA .... a cheaply framed pic of ourselves that looks amazing!

<--- ugly pic $3.00
<--- YAY!

I went out today and bought some material to get started on some AMAZING things! I am pretty excited about 2010, it's going to be the best year yet!


Tuesday, December 15

Really?? 3 Weeks?

 can't believe I haven't posted anything in 3 whole weeks! It has been non-stop since my last post, but that is really no excuse. Thanksgiving was wonderful, as always, other than my mother-in-law was sick and could be at the gathering, no could I, because I had a massive headache. Brand went and hunted for about 3 days and came back with a small deer, I made a mess in the living room with all my craftiness.......a successful weekend all around
I've been busily making Christmas gifts for all my nieces and I think I am about finished wit the "cutting out" part, and then the sewing will not take very long at all. They are going to be SUPER cute and the girls will love them. I will post pics a little later, when I find my camera charger to actually take pics. :)
Last night was the last "Ladies Craft Night" of 2009 at CenterPoint Church. We had a great time and it has been a lot of fun, I am going to start it back up in January and am really looking forward to see who is going to join us and crafty all year long.

I don't think I would ever use this, but it is amazing!

I totally want to try and make one of these before Christmas, but I don't think that will happen at all :)

OOOOO - I forgot to mention that I took pics at a friends' wedding this Sunday. It was cold, and cloudy, but we had a lot of fun, here are a few pics.... special thanks to Christy for showing me the "glow" effect.

My Best Bud Jessica was kind enough to take our family photos for a "Christmas Card" that may or may-not be sent out this year ...... hehehehee, oh well - great intentions :)

Hmmmm, I think that's everything for today, I do solemnly swear to post more often.
Have a great day everyone
NOTE: to veiw these pic a WHOLE lot better go

Sunday, November 22

Sigh .... I have to learn to Crochet Better!!!!!

I've totally got the crochet bug and want to make EVERYTHING, but have no idea how to make anything other than a flower and a chain ..... ugh. I will get there though, with the help of good friends and YouTube, I promise you here and now I will be crocheting up a storm.......soon.
(not sure where I found this pic, but I LOVE them)

Went and saw New Moon Thursday night @ Midnight (well, 11:58) it was CRAZY and TOO fun. I got to hang out with my best of friends and talk to Jody and Amy in Dallas while they were waiting in line at the theatre there! Too funny. We all had Team Shirts on and met some funny people in line was just a great time.
Completely and Totally ready for Thanksgiving this week. I will have a few days off, so I'm sure blogging will be on the "TO DO LiSt".
Have a Spectacular Week and a Blessed Thanksgiving..........

Tuesday, November 17


Soooo, busy day, we are putting up christmas decorations at work today, so I really don't have time to chat, but I will be back soon with posts about the craft fair this past weekend, my craft night with the ladies at church, and my New Moon shirt making night with Jessica....... be back soon - I promise!

Monday, November 9

Wow ... what a week!

Heeeelllllooooo there! It has been one crazy week! Let me just break down the week for ya!

Sunday - Nov 1st - Our church had a New Members Class after service and so we didn't get home from church until 2ish, and then we had to be back up at the church at 5pm. It was a crazy day!

Monday - Nov 2nd - Was my best friend Jessica's birthday.... she was off work, so she came and hung out at the office and we went to Casa Mexicana for lunch (YUMMY!!!!) and then when I got home that night I crafted and did chatted some Hello Ladies business with Krystle.

Tuesday - Nov 3rd - Made a brochure for my Ladies Craft Night at church (it is amazing if I do say so myself....and I do).

And sent off some craft ideas to my friends in Texas who are having their own craft night....LOVE networking. Kevin and Jess came over for dinner and then while the guys yelled and screamed while playing Halo at full volume, Jess and I stripped my hair again and tried to go blonde again....didn't quite make it to blonde, but we'll get there.

Wednesday - Nov 4th - Had a busy day at work, had lunch with my precious momma, and then after work got to hang out with her at Blue Suede Shoes antique mall and flea market (where she works...jealous. 33,000 sq ft of goodness). And then went back to church, had to shoot church news after church, and then got to go home and see my sweetie. (he goes to school on Wednesday Nights).

Thursday - Nov 5th - Work was CRAZY. We had more things to get done than we knew we had to get done! A letter or two to get out to Church Members, a brochure to print out, the bulletin, bulletin inserts, getting ready for RESOUND on Friday and Saturday.....machines breaking down, computers not working.... it was crazy. Then after work, Jess and I checked out Benton's "Ladies Night Out" - a fair of was crap. But I had a good time with my friend, so it was okay. Got home, spent some time with my hubby, chatted a little Hello Ladies business with Krystle and then crashed.

Friday - Nov 6th - my official day off ....... not happenin'. Was up with Brand at 6:30, did some HL business over the text, and email world... and made some coasters for this weekends craft show.

And then got a call that that I needed to be at the church to help set up for RESOUND (at about 2ish) So i just ended up staying there, Brand went and got the girls, ate dinner, Brand took the girls home, I went back to the church .... got home at about midnight .... CRASHED.

Saturday - Nov 7th - We took the girls to Burns Park and the Old Mill, Brand and the girls had never been. I took some pics of the girls, they will end up being Christmas Presents I am sure....they are all super cute!
I found my favorite store!!!!!! Savers, it's kinda like Goodwill, but better and a about the same price. We CLEAN UP and I was really happy. Brand went to a UFC Fight Party and I had the Ladies come over and craft, we had a great time.

Sunday - Nov 8th - Got up a little late, but still got to church at the right time... did my normal church duties, service was amazing and headed home for lunch. Put our cats on leashes for the first was hilarious.

Took the girls back home, came up to youth, watched my brother shave his head during youth, had dinner after youth with my hubby......came home and crashed.

Good Times - this week is looking like a repeat so ............... pray for me :D will be back to post a non-complaining blog later :)


Monday, November 2

Hey... it's November!

First off .... Today is my Best Friends Birthday! Happy Birthday Jess - love you so much!

She has also made me (and the other Hello Ladies) a "New Moon Soundtrack" - her own personal thoughts on what the songs should have been... it's good! Here are the songs, for your listening pleasure....well you have to go find them, but here is the list :)

Meet Me at the Window - Jack's Mannequin

Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

The Moment I Said It - Imogen Heap

All I Wanted - Paramore

Lonely - Yael Naim

The Secret - Emery

Going Under - Evanescence

Forever - Fireflight (AMAZING SONG)

The Lion and the Wolf - Thrice

Trouble - Ray LaMontagne

Until the Last Moment - Yanni (instrumental)

You Are Mine - Mute Math

Good Times. Our SalineOWeen Craft Show with Hello Ladies was a semi-bust. We did make our booth rental and a little bit more, got our name out there a little bit better so I guess that's worth it. I am really looking forward to the 13th and the 14th which is the next show we will be in. I've got to get something in the Etsy shop so we can actually SELL some things outside of a fair.

I am REALLY excited about Thanksgiving this year! Well, I am a little sad because I won't get to make it to Texas to see the extended family.. :( I don't know why I am so excited, I just am! Plus the little turkey cupcake is amazingly cute! Anywhooooo - am excited.

OOO -- Today is my 10 year anniversary @ CenterPoint!!! I was a baby when I started working here, I can't believe it.

Hmmmm....I have another Ladies Craft Night on the 14th of November, I am expecting a massive amount of ladies to show up! We have 21 last time - on a Monday Night - this time it will be on a Saturday! We are moving to a bigger room - we couldn't hold anymore people in the Hospitality Suite! I am getting together 4 easy to make, cheap to make christmas present idea for the ladies to make at the night or to take home and work on. I am excited about that too!!!! I'm just an excited person this week I guess......

THIS AMAZING CD IS COMING OUT NOVEMEBER 10th!!!!! I can't wait - well, I guess I can :)

Well, that's all for now!

Wednesday, October 28

The Last Couple of Days ...

Soooo I spent Tuesday Night crafting my fingers to the BONE! Well, not really. I got a lot done... and then just added more to the never ending list of things I needed to take care of before this weekend. Dot (the cat) was my crafting buddy, when she wasn't trying to eat ribbon (she's a little obsessive about ribbon).
I realized as I was pulling out my hot glue gun (which I haven't used in FOREVER) had a button hot glued to thought it was pretty ironic and super funny (I was a litte delirious at this point in the night, so there were a lot of things that were super funny), here's the pic.....

Ummm, let's see what else has happened this week. Today (after work) I spent a good hour reading comments about a review this lady gave about the Twilight books..... first off: I like the Twilight Series and I was amazed at what these people were saying, ignorance was running amuck. I should mention that this was a christian review, and I was expecting the battle, but DANG!!! It was CRAZY!!! Of course being me.....I wrote a 2 page...yes....2 page comment to be added to the list per the moderators permission. I see enough evil and bad things on regular tv to where people have no excuse to go on an evil rabbit trail. ANYWAY - I will blog about it someday, and I'm sure I will get some interesting comments....i don't really care, I have my research .... have you done yours????? MUAHHHHAAHAHAAA

hmmmmmm, i think that's about all that's gone on this week - so far.

:D - have a great day


Saturday, October 24

Shirt Pocket Pillow

Originally uploaded by Freckled Nest

Well, so far I've had a pretty uninteresting weekend, so I thought I would post a very cute and neat idea from LeighAnn. I think a trip to Goodwill is in order next week. I LOVE it!!

Our next craft fair is next weekend on Halloween. All the ladies are very excited!

Chat at everyone later.

Monday, October 19

workin on it .....

I'm working on a new layout..... right now anything I am trying to edit is not opening or it's being stupid, so bear with me ..... :)

Sapphire Blue Jay Yarn Wreath

Sapphire Blue Jay Yarn Wreath
Originally uploaded by KnockKnocking

why oh why do I love this SOOOOOO much. I love the idea, the process behind it, the colors....sigh, I must run to Hobby Lobby sometime this week and get materials to start making me one :)

Wednesday, October 14

What's that in the sky????

It's blue sky!!! We haven't seen that in DAYS!!! It's wonderful. This is the view outside of my little office this afternoon.

Okay back to more crafty things. Our business "Hello Ladies" is up and running crazy! We have a blog, a Flickr, an Etsy, a Facebook.....ummm, yeah that 's all for now. Check us out, I'm headed home tonight to hopefully get some product on film so we can start listing. We are SUPER excited, Krystle and I have been on a 2 day business texting meeting and have loved every second of it. We have a confirmed Craft Show here in Benton on November 13th and 14th from 9am to 6pm @ the Saline County Fairgrounds (10th Annual Helping Hands Craft Show).

My Best Buddy Jess has a blog now (i told her she had to have one) so check that out also!


Love the pic above! Anywhoo I will blog at cha later!

Tuesday, October 13


It has been a crazy couple of months over at my household. Going here, doing that, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop till after the new year. So....I'm just hanging on and enjoying the ride. For those of you who don't know, my best buddies and I have started a business called "Hello Ladies", we make crafty goodness! We officially started selling our stuff in August at a church function, but this past weekend we were able to participate in Old Fashioned Day here in Benton. We set up our little 10x10 booth before the break of dawn and then waited patiently for the crowds to come....well they came, but not in the big number that the event had seen in the past. It was a whopping 51 degrees all day, with no sun, and lots of wind, needless to say we FROZE our butts off, but we had so much fun it didn't really matter :) We still made some moolah, got our name out there and made some contacts for another show or two. SO YAY for us....we are still believing that one day soon we will own our own shop and be able to craft the days away and help others become "crafty" like us....

chat at cha later!