Saturday, January 30


I know some of you Northern people will laugh your butts off when you see the pic of our snow, but we were excited about it.    :) Everyone has been pretty much stranded due to not only the snow, but the nice ice that fell early on in the day before the snow hit.
(our front yard)

Days like this makes me miss Colorado, so for today's post, I am gonna share a few pics, and then get the house ready for the girls.  :)   To everyone in Arkansas, hope you have a fun day in the ice and snow, to everyone else..... have a blessed day!


PS. I am almost done with my second baby quilt and my yarn wreath from style school! YAY!

Wednesday, January 27


It's been "a day" today, so I will just leave you with a verse ...

Let all that I am praise the Lord,
with my whole heart I will praise His holy name
Let all I that am praise the Lord,
may I never forget the good things He does for me
He forgives all my sins
He heals all my diseases
He redeems me from death
He crowns me with love and tender mercies
He fills my life with good things
My youth is renewed like the eagles.

Psalm 103:1-5

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, January 25

Hello Again Winter .....

After a full week of insainly nice weather here in the Natural State, January came back in full force today. Woke up this morning to 38 degree temps with a wind chill of 29! Thank you Jesus I don't have to work out in that, but my sweet hubby does and I feel bad every time he leaves for work   :(    Onward.... it was one of those days that "should" have been cloudy and nasty to match the cold, but of course it was bright and sunshiney. So in honor of the weather we "should" have had ..... some lovely pics and links, check them out....

Perfect jewelry for today! even though it didn't rain.... it "should" have  :)

My best buddy Jess and I went to our favorite antique/flea market this weekend and I picked up some blue suede shoes......and Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall.....we thought it was funny!

We also found this little gem and plan to make it over and become an amazing prop for our Hello Ladies photoshoots!!

I'll post more pics on our treasure from Blue Suede Shoes a little later.....

Oh, I almost forgot ..... I have returned to the world of blondes! I've missed you guys  :)

Have a great night everyone!


Friday, January 22

new banner and new layout!

After a full evening of searching the internet, texting Krystle and pushing a cat off my desk.......I have a new banner and background!!!!! WooHoo!

In the midst of all the blogger fun, I took a blood type test to see what my blood type was, because I am going to start reading this book!!!!!

There are already some VERY interesting tidbits of info and I am only on the intro  :)   We shall seeeeee. OH and Jess and I are going to start walking the track near her house 3 times a week, I'm pretty excited about that........

My cute hubby and I are headed down to Texarkana today to do some shopping at Ross..... yay! I'm expecting great deals to come my way.....

That's about all for now, just wanted to stop in a blog a bit, will try to do better tomorrow night! 

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, January 4

2010 - New-ness!

So we have hit 2010! 2009 was not a horrible year for our little family, but we did have some heartache. In October one of the youth in our youth group was killed while riding his 4-wheeler with his friends. It hit us and the church pretty hard, but we know he is in heaven having a blast, but we do miss him a bunch.

Hello Ladies was birthed at the end of 08, but was techincally started in March of 09. It's been such a wild ride and I only expect it to get better and better!

I've started the new year with a few projects! i started a the picnic blanket I saw on Rachel's blog, I have the top all finished and I am going to embroider a few cute little things before I actually "quilt" it, but it is going by really quick! AND i have already started 3 baby quilts for the Etsy store, they are cut out and ready to be put together -- here are a few pics ....

Super cute ... right??? I HAVE to find some "boy" material, so I can break out of the pinks and yellows! But I am really excited about these projects. And again... I have pics of those little 'critters' I made, but they didn't make it home with me. I will be sure and post them tomorrow.....I promise!

Ummm, that's all for this post, I guess..... here are a few inspiration pics for your viewing pleasure.... Have a great day, we are expecting snow on Wednesday night!! YIPPEEE!

<----love the STRIPES
(and the baby is cute too)

not my cat, but Abbie would totally have torn up the whole package of paper towels  .... hehehheee

I am going to make more Bubble Tea this year. I have the stuff, and the recipe, I just haven't done it  :(

so not really inspiration, but pure funniness! My oldest brothers goat, with my dad's reading glasses.....too funny!

Ok, that's enough!