Wednesday, June 2

Cutest Wedding Ever ....

Soooo, I didn't actually "go" to this wedding, but I bet it was a blast. I found these pics on a Flickr Friends' blog and I had to share. I am normally not a fan of purple, but it was just too cute not to love. Head over to her website to see a ton more pics of the wedding.....

I'm seriously thinking about having another "wedding" at our 10 year anniversary and renewing our vows .... that would be so great and I would have SO much more fun than I did the first wedding. (nerves) heheheee - who knows, I've got a year and a half.  :)
(thought I had a pic of our wedding on file to add here....but I don't .... sorry)

have a great week!


Vicki said...

Very cute, I'm not much on purple, but this is adorable! :0)