Friday, July 30


Hey everyone!!! How has your summer been? Mine: CRAZY!!! Did you know I was going to the Dominican Republic? I didn't until a week before I went! I didn't even have a passport! God worked a miracle and got me a passport in 4 business days! It was such an amazing trip. It was the first crusade that our church has ever completely financed and worked, over 9,600 people gave their lives to Christ and there were 175 documented miracles!!! Such a life changing trip AND i got to spend it with some of my amazing friends.

Here are some pics!


yours truly dear said...

wow that looks amazing! i've always wanted to do something like this. props to you!

Deborah Ann said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog. I went to DR a few years ago. Not a missions trip though, just a vacation. Would so love to do the missions trip there!

Have a blessed week!