Friday, December 17

Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

I am a sucker for a great Christmas Movie, and I am super picky about which movies I like. They have to be upbeat, they have to be happy, and if they have singing .... major plus.

#5 - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - I love how whimisical this movie it. It oozes Dr. Suess! love! "6:00 dinner with me - I can't cancel again!!!!"

#4 - "The Preacher's Wife" - great singing, cute lead character!...... it's amazing!

#3 - "Elf" - one word - enough said. Plus I love Will Ferrell.  :)

#2 - "Holiday Inn" - Great singer + Great dancer - spectacular movie.

Another movie that I can quote every line, every song, I can close my eyes and watch the entire movie in my head.

#1 - "White Christmas" - Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney ..... what more do you need?

From "The Best Things Happen While Your Dancing" to the great version of the boys singing "Sister, Sister", it is a non-stop awesome movie. I could literally quote the entire movie, and sing every song. We played the movie during one of our craft shows and Jess and I sat there and sang every song and laughed our butts off!

what are some of your favorite christmas movies??