Thursday, April 28

***Hello There***

I think it might be officially spring.....maybe about to be summer....the weather can't make up it's mind here in Arkansas. BUT my rose bush is giving me a TON of the most beautiful roses this year, and they smell amazing also. I am pretty proud that I have not killed this plant....Brand has tried several times with the weed-eater, but it lives and it is beautiful.

My step-daughters aunt got married a couple of weeks ago and of course I could not help but take my camera and take some candid shots.

It was a super sweet and beautiful wedding. Congrats to Justin and Starla.

I am itching to do some DIY projects (don't know when I will have time)! Here are a few I am looking at....
Sunburst Pillows ----- LOVE.
Should someone decide they love me a WHOLE bunch and want to make me one.... Here is the LINK.

Another LOVELY item that should someone with sewing skills wants to make me one.....
Just sayin'   :)    here is the LINK

Mini Polaroid Magnets .... Hello Ladies needs to be ALL over this!
Here is the LINK

This will be a project for my BFF Jess...... I am NO good with all
here is the LINK

Did I mention that my birthday is not too far away???? June 5th ...... hint, hint.....  :-)

Everything has been going really good around the homestead. Getting the house and yard ready for all the summer festivities that having a HUGE pool brings. :-) I did rescue about 2,000 tadpoles eggs from our pool before we put all the chemicals in it. We put them in a mini fish tank in the kitchen.....a good 600 have hatched and are growing into the cutest little things. Don't have any pics, but .... YAY they survived!

We have a pretty big event coming up next week at the Church, our 8th Annual Big Press. It's a weight lifting competition for all of our local jr and sr high students! We are expecting about 100 lifters and a TON of parents and friends coming out to support. We also have the amazing minister Chip Brim and as a special guest we got Peyton Hillis! Don't worry I didn't know who it was either, but he is pretty big and it is really bringing in the media and the people.... so yay. I will have TONS of pics to post about that, it is on Monday Night.

That's all I got for now, have a great day!