Friday, June 10

G is for Goals!

Goals, Goals, Goals -- Yup, I've got them, but I've been to busy to write them down......
But this is where I change that!

Goal #1
CPC Kids Summer Camp! As Camp Director my goal is to make June 16 - 18 the BEST days of the kids summer! We've got a TON planned including an insane slip-n-slide that my husband made and my 2 girls LOVED (which I forgot to take pics of them on it.....epic fail), super messy games that the kids will remember forever, and some secret thoughts that only my team and I know about..... It's going to be awesome ... that's what we secretly call the camp anyway... Camp Awesome. BUT my goal is to have everything finished by Monday of next week! We shall see......
GIANT BUBBLES!!!! Must try this before camp next weekend...... must.
My inner child is begging with all it's heart!  :)

Photobooth fun -- gonna blow this up REALLY BIG -- well technically I am having my BFF paint it on Super Large sheets of butcher paper, then cut out the windows and have the kids take their pics in the windows.... how cool it that? .... very....

Can't have a photobooth without these..... just sayin.
Yes..... happening

Some decor thoughts..... I love them
Our Camp shirt.... IN LOVE with the paprika ...

Get the Hello Ladies world back in rotation. We've all been going full force with a
gazillion different projects, but hopefully SOON, we can get back to the swing of things.
There are SO many projects we want to accomplish!!

Going on vacation with my husband and best friends in September..... YES!!!!! We didn't get to go last year, and the year before that we were in our vacation spot one day before we got news that one of our youth students at church (our best friends are the Youth Pastors) had been tragically killed in an accident. It was a solemn vacation and we cut it short to get back in time for the services. Needless to say, we are ready for a trip with laughter and reconnections.

Those are my goals for the ssssuuuummmmmmmmmeeerrr. Not much, but ... it's what I got.

Hope you have a great day!