Thursday, July 21

Scrapbook Memory Game

I’ve been working on a pretty amazing little game......scrapbook paper memory game..... here are some pics!




I am starting a new set and I will take better pics..... I promise!

Krystle is coming over tomorrow and we are working on some pretty cute things....super secret of couse, but still pretty amazing.


Still working out this new program, so .... bear with me. :-)


Thursday, July 14

Trying this again!

Okay, new program, new picture hosting site...let’s see how this works.....


Wednesday, July 13

Testing, Testing 123


Sooooooo, I am trying to get my blog set up to where I can write in Word and then publish to Blogger…. As you can see the writing part is great, but I am having some technical difficulties with the picture part…. Ugh….


I thought I was pretty smart with web and computer stuff, I may have met my match!