Thursday, February 16

a Gazillion Congrats later …

Hey there, I promise that since we have openly announced our good news this blog will not be flooded with a whole bunch of baby stuff…. well… it will be, but not your normal baby stuff. Most of you now know that Brand and I had had a plan when we were going to have a baby for quite a while…. we just didn’t tell a lot of people, or really anyone. In the summer Krystle and I worked on a couple of super secret projects, and here is what they were. Krystle was working on her wedding memories book, and I was working on a baby book. Now that we have a legit baby…..I can share the book with you.  :)


MISC 169

I started out with the cardboard paper out of a pack of white cardstock, you know, the piece you always throw away….  Found the center(s) and created the inside seam by folding on the lines.

MISC 170

Then I covered it with some FABULOUS Christmas wrapping paper that my BFF wrapped my presents in. (the inside)

MISC 171

Got out as many bubbles as I could. (the outside)

MISC 172

TA-DA … the cover is ready. (ignore the dying houseplant in the background…hehehe)

MISC 173

Found some cutie pie babies in pea pods paper for the inside cover…

MISC 203

Ready to glue the book to the cover…


I completely forgot to take pictures of a couple of steps, as in how I got all the paper together to look like a book …. if you really wanna know that info, email me. 


Finished project






Anywho, I will have to start writing in that ASAP.


Saturday, February 11


I’ve got a ton of activities I’ve got to get done today, so I will not have time to post much. I did want to throw out some NEWS………