Sunday, November 22

Sigh .... I have to learn to Crochet Better!!!!!

I've totally got the crochet bug and want to make EVERYTHING, but have no idea how to make anything other than a flower and a chain ..... ugh. I will get there though, with the help of good friends and YouTube, I promise you here and now I will be crocheting up a storm.......soon.
(not sure where I found this pic, but I LOVE them)

Went and saw New Moon Thursday night @ Midnight (well, 11:58) it was CRAZY and TOO fun. I got to hang out with my best of friends and talk to Jody and Amy in Dallas while they were waiting in line at the theatre there! Too funny. We all had Team Shirts on and met some funny people in line was just a great time.
Completely and Totally ready for Thanksgiving this week. I will have a few days off, so I'm sure blogging will be on the "TO DO LiSt".
Have a Spectacular Week and a Blessed Thanksgiving..........


Krystle said...

so, i get home tuesday but it will be tuesday night like after 5 most wed or friday or saturday i am more than excited to do whatever it takes to get the etsy shop up and running. :-)
p.s. we're not supposed to know how to crochet all that much bc we just learned! lol