Monday, November 9

Wow ... what a week!

Heeeelllllooooo there! It has been one crazy week! Let me just break down the week for ya!

Sunday - Nov 1st - Our church had a New Members Class after service and so we didn't get home from church until 2ish, and then we had to be back up at the church at 5pm. It was a crazy day!

Monday - Nov 2nd - Was my best friend Jessica's birthday.... she was off work, so she came and hung out at the office and we went to Casa Mexicana for lunch (YUMMY!!!!) and then when I got home that night I crafted and did chatted some Hello Ladies business with Krystle.

Tuesday - Nov 3rd - Made a brochure for my Ladies Craft Night at church (it is amazing if I do say so myself....and I do).

And sent off some craft ideas to my friends in Texas who are having their own craft night....LOVE networking. Kevin and Jess came over for dinner and then while the guys yelled and screamed while playing Halo at full volume, Jess and I stripped my hair again and tried to go blonde again....didn't quite make it to blonde, but we'll get there.

Wednesday - Nov 4th - Had a busy day at work, had lunch with my precious momma, and then after work got to hang out with her at Blue Suede Shoes antique mall and flea market (where she works...jealous. 33,000 sq ft of goodness). And then went back to church, had to shoot church news after church, and then got to go home and see my sweetie. (he goes to school on Wednesday Nights).

Thursday - Nov 5th - Work was CRAZY. We had more things to get done than we knew we had to get done! A letter or two to get out to Church Members, a brochure to print out, the bulletin, bulletin inserts, getting ready for RESOUND on Friday and Saturday.....machines breaking down, computers not working.... it was crazy. Then after work, Jess and I checked out Benton's "Ladies Night Out" - a fair of was crap. But I had a good time with my friend, so it was okay. Got home, spent some time with my hubby, chatted a little Hello Ladies business with Krystle and then crashed.

Friday - Nov 6th - my official day off ....... not happenin'. Was up with Brand at 6:30, did some HL business over the text, and email world... and made some coasters for this weekends craft show.

And then got a call that that I needed to be at the church to help set up for RESOUND (at about 2ish) So i just ended up staying there, Brand went and got the girls, ate dinner, Brand took the girls home, I went back to the church .... got home at about midnight .... CRASHED.

Saturday - Nov 7th - We took the girls to Burns Park and the Old Mill, Brand and the girls had never been. I took some pics of the girls, they will end up being Christmas Presents I am sure....they are all super cute!
I found my favorite store!!!!!! Savers, it's kinda like Goodwill, but better and a about the same price. We CLEAN UP and I was really happy. Brand went to a UFC Fight Party and I had the Ladies come over and craft, we had a great time.

Sunday - Nov 8th - Got up a little late, but still got to church at the right time... did my normal church duties, service was amazing and headed home for lunch. Put our cats on leashes for the first was hilarious.

Took the girls back home, came up to youth, watched my brother shave his head during youth, had dinner after youth with my hubby......came home and crashed.

Good Times - this week is looking like a repeat so ............... pray for me :D will be back to post a non-complaining blog later :)



Jerskuh said...

I'm noticing a continuing trend: you do your day, and then CRASH. :) I love the cats on leashes! That's pretty freaking hilarious.

Krystle said...

two things: 1. I see the manpris in that cat pic and they made me laugh a little.
2. This weekend is going to be fabulous!

Mandy Deitering said... they were shorts, Brand was wearing work boots and his tall socks....should have checked his fashion sense before I took a pic. And I didn't get any pics of Abbie on the leash, but she was hilarous because the leash is HUGE!

Krys said...

hahaha i think that makes it even better! the illusion of manpris :-)