Monday, January 25

Hello Again Winter .....

After a full week of insainly nice weather here in the Natural State, January came back in full force today. Woke up this morning to 38 degree temps with a wind chill of 29! Thank you Jesus I don't have to work out in that, but my sweet hubby does and I feel bad every time he leaves for work   :(    Onward.... it was one of those days that "should" have been cloudy and nasty to match the cold, but of course it was bright and sunshiney. So in honor of the weather we "should" have had ..... some lovely pics and links, check them out....

Perfect jewelry for today! even though it didn't rain.... it "should" have  :)

My best buddy Jess and I went to our favorite antique/flea market this weekend and I picked up some blue suede shoes......and Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall.....we thought it was funny!

We also found this little gem and plan to make it over and become an amazing prop for our Hello Ladies photoshoots!!

I'll post more pics on our treasure from Blue Suede Shoes a little later.....

Oh, I almost forgot ..... I have returned to the world of blondes! I've missed you guys  :)

Have a great night everyone!



Krystle said...

And we blondes welcome you back with open arms. You'll enjoy having more fun :-)