Friday, January 22

new banner and new layout!

After a full evening of searching the internet, texting Krystle and pushing a cat off my desk.......I have a new banner and background!!!!! WooHoo!

In the midst of all the blogger fun, I took a blood type test to see what my blood type was, because I am going to start reading this book!!!!!

There are already some VERY interesting tidbits of info and I am only on the intro  :)   We shall seeeeee. OH and Jess and I are going to start walking the track near her house 3 times a week, I'm pretty excited about that........

My cute hubby and I are headed down to Texarkana today to do some shopping at Ross..... yay! I'm expecting great deals to come my way.....

That's about all for now, just wanted to stop in a blog a bit, will try to do better tomorrow night! 

Have a great day everyone.