Friday, June 18

Hey .... I Remember You

WOW .... it has been a crazy time in the Deitering world! Here are a little taste of what has been going on.....

Hello Ladies - if you don't know, my 4 best buds and I decided to start a biz last year, name : Hello Ladies. We've done a couple of craft fairs, been online ... nothing major. BBBBUUUUTTTTTT - June 5th (my bday) we went to our first Farmers Market down at the
Little Rock River Market...
Our friend that has been working the market for a while now, told us to be there early to get a good spot - we got there at 4:30 and got a pretty crappy spot, BUT we made some money, sweated away a couple of pounds, made some new friends and decided to get there earlier. You can hop on over to the HelloLadies Blog for more "Tales from the River Market" ..... We decided to try a Tuesday at the River Market (the Farmers Market is open on Saturday and Tuesday) we did SOOOO much better and we were under a pavillion with fans and SHADE! it was great and we were well received by the people of the community.

My B-day was June 5th - 29 big ones. I got a $97 iphone from Wal-Mart......yiipppeee and I ADORE it. I ordered a super cute cover online, but it hasn't got here yet.... :-(  I am loving the camera on the iphone more than anything else at the moment. I am glad to finally have a good camera always on me, and I found a super cute app that takes poloroids.... like this one.

Our Youth at church also had our annual Variety Show. This years host was Sarah and my brother Josh - they dessed up like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Josh even got the accent down perfectly. Here are a few fun pics.....
Josh - Russell

Josh & Sarah  - Russell & Katy
Twins I tell ya.

Mom is so proud!

Even Fat Elvis showed up to the party~!

Command Central

My station

This was the "Dream Team" we handled the lights, computer, Dvd, camera, sound, background clapping and laughter, commentary....alll that and we were still gracious enough to take a pic. The guy in the middle is my BFF's husband and the HelloLadies Boss.  :-)

Well - that doesn't sound like a lot.....but it was. Now that I have some of that finished with, I can get back to some regular blogging (YAYAYAYAAAA). BUT I have to get off here and do some crafting for tomorrow's River Market AND have to take sweet baby Dot to the Vet - she isn't feeling too well today...

Chat at ya later!

Wednesday, June 2

Cutest Wedding Ever ....

Soooo, I didn't actually "go" to this wedding, but I bet it was a blast. I found these pics on a Flickr Friends' blog and I had to share. I am normally not a fan of purple, but it was just too cute not to love. Head over to her website to see a ton more pics of the wedding.....

I'm seriously thinking about having another "wedding" at our 10 year anniversary and renewing our vows .... that would be so great and I would have SO much more fun than I did the first wedding. (nerves) heheheee - who knows, I've got a year and a half.  :)
(thought I had a pic of our wedding on file to add here....but I don't .... sorry)

have a great week!