Monday, February 7

Hello Crazy Weekend!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another crazy weekend here at the Deitering house! We have got all our tax stuff together and scheduled our date with the tax guy...... here is what my dining room table looks like.....

This past Sunday (SuperBowl Sunday, or course) our church had a SuperBowl Party.....I had a SuperCraft Night. Same place, two totally different worlds, but we had a BLAST! The ladies absolutely loved it, and everyone brought some AMAZING food, I am super excited about a new dish to try out realllllll soon. (will share when I do it)
We had a "snow day" on Friday which COMPLETELY ruined my weekend. The Hello Ladies were suppose to go to Eureka Springs and spend the weekend up there......too much ice and snow. So we changed our plans to try and go south.....snow and ice in Dallas and the surrounding areas. We then decided to go to HotSprings.....that happened on Saturday, which I didn't get to go.  :(  BUT I did get to play Call of Duty alot with Brand and some of the youth from church.  :)

 Look at my beautiful box of beads that I have organized.....sigh, I love!

Arkansas is expecting some major snow on Wednesday.....don't tell anyone, but I am pretty
exited about it.  :)  Gotta get to the store and get my bread, milk and random item.... will share about the random item later....