Wednesday, May 25


I am admitting to you all here and now ... that I have been in a Creative Rut/BlackHole/MudPit since Christmas! I have not "really" crafted since November! GASP! I know! But things are turning around and I am getting back into the creative swing of things. Not only with the Hello Ladies Biz, but every part of my life. SO, here's a list of a few blogs/websites that have helped me get my creative mojo back.  :)

I adore this site. I have been following this lady for about 7 years. She always has something going on that makes me smile and want to recreate!

Stumbled across this site several weeks back for a few children's church and nursery ideas ..... I love it. Very simple and very creative ways to get the message of Jesus to the kids on their level. I have been SUPER inspired by this site AND all the links to other sites he has on his page.

Love, Love, Love this blog! It's a DIY children's party blog! They have THE best ideas and the best photos to help with the vision. If you have kids (or don't) and want to have a rockin' party.....check...them....out.

Another party planning site, but it has some GREAT DIY's and awesome pics to keep you creative!

Ever since I saw the first Project Runway, I have been in love with Runway Fashion.....shocking I know. This is a pretty neat little site that shows all the latest fashions from the runway. Most of the time I giggle at some of the silly outfits, but it does help me creatively choose colors and all that jazz.  :)

If I need to come up with something cool and creative and have NO IDEA how to get it done.... Flickr saves my booty.

NOW -- on to Music.
Music can help creativity as well! I have several bands that help me either get in that mode OR keeps me in the mode.


If I was stranded on a desert island with only one band to listen to for the rest of my days .... I would choose Switchfoot. Those of you who know me ... this is not a surprise. Check them out, I love them.

Little Big Town
Yes....they are a country band. Yes....their harmony is AMAZING!!! Yes .... I love to listen to them.  :)

Great Band! Enough Said!

This is the band you can craft to and sing at the top of your lungs at the same time!
Great music!

Robert Randolph & the Family Band
Find Them .... Listen to Them

Well that wraps up my post on my Creative Process! Hope this help and if you have some suggestions of sites to look at .... send them my way. I am ALWAYS on the lookout.