Wednesday, May 18

Summer Fun

It's that time of year again..... pool parties, cook outs, sun burns, bathing suits, bug bites, lake time .... and  summer movies.

Went to see Thor -- not really a "Summer Movie" but I will call it that. I liked it. It was relatively clean, a little on the loud side (the theatres fault, not the movie), but I will buy it. It was visually -- a very neat movie.

I am looking forward to seeing the latest Pirates of the Caribbean Movie..... who isn't? It's gonna be great!

ALSO -- Cars 2!!!

AND, being an x-men fan from way back in the day.....
X-Men First Class

Captain America

I think it's going to be a good movie summer!

Note -- Parents if you are concerned with what your kids go to see this summer at the movies.... Here is a link to the BEST site I have come across for a christian movie review. Iphone users, there is an app also. I use it all the time!

Will be back tomorrow with some exciting news about a super secret project we are working on here at the church..... eeeeekkk! It's pretty amazing!