Friday, November 4

Christmas Presents….

A couple of years ago I decided to make Christmas Presents for my nieces and nephews on Brand’s side of the family. It was a crazy thought because at that point I owned a sewing machine, needle and thread, but I had not sewn anything more than a button on a shirt…… So I started out and my nephew wasn’t born yet so I set out to make 5 cats. I tried to find the pattern on Flickr, but alas I could not find it. ANYWHO…. I suffered through, the pattern didn’t tell me how to attach the head of the cat to the body, the pieces didn’t match up super well, but dad gum it, I made them and the kids LOVED them. The next year I designed cute little square guys with arms and legs and cute button eyes …. they were cute.

I don’t know why I stopped doing it, but I was recently told my one of my sisters’ in law that her daughter really liked when I made them and has both of her presents and keeps them safe in a box. SO that inspired me to start the tradition back up. The kiddos are a bit older, the new ones are in the 3 year range and the older ones are 16…. and I have to make a BUNCH! SO I looked on Etsy and Flickr to find a pattern to make. Here are the finalists…..Since this post I have made my choice, but see i f you can pick out which one I picked.  :)


Singing Squirrel Pattern

Singing Squirrel Pattern

Platypus PDF Pattern

Platypus Pattern

PDF Sewing Pattern Betsy & Basil Bunny Softies

Bunnies Pattern

Monster Doll pdf sewing pattern - Halloween softie Stuffed toy

Monster Pattern

Owl & Baby Softie

Girl Doll Patterns

Scotty Dog Pattern

Prince Charming Softie


Wish me Luck!