Monday, November 28

What Have I Been Up To???

What have I NOT been up to – is the more appropriate question. The Deiterings have been SO busy, we have barely had time to say ‘Hey, do I know you? You’re living in my house…”  hehehehee. I am still in the middle of a TON of things but, I wanted to give an update in pics! They are cute pics so it will be worth the scroll down…..   :)



The week before Thanksgiving week we started decorating at CPC:Benton. This is Tree #1 – I didn’t get a pic of tree #2 or tree #3… weird. All of them are tall and big and they scratched up my arms… ugh.




Today we went to CPC:Conway and decorated the 9ft tree #4…..




After we got back from Conway, BFF Jess and I BEASTED the Christmas Tree #5 in the Kingdom Kids area. Literally we decorated it in 45 minutes….wow.


I made this tree skirt a couple of weeks ago for the tree – hoping and praying that it would look good with everything….


It is AMAZINGLY cute under the tree!!! I still have to put up my tree at home (#6) and I have to finish the one in KOT:Conway (#7)….. yeah… Hopefully I will finish before Christmas time…  :)




This little guy was helping with the Christmas Décor at Benton, I had to catch him and let him go outside…. 




A couple of weeks ago Krystle and Josh were ready to take their engagement pics….. we had a plan, a day, a house to get ready in, a make-up/hair team, and a beautiful day. I can’t share them because they make me laugh SOOOOOO much. They were not your typical engagement pics, and I loved it.




I have been crafting A LOT in the past couple of weeks and I think my fat cat decided she had had enough and wanted some attention….




GOODWILL finds: My girls and I have had AMAZING luck at Goodwill recently. Look at this bedspread I found for under $20. (I can’t give you an exact amount, because I don’t remember, but I would not have paid more than $20)


All this fabric was $1 each … what??? yes!!!




We had a LOT of rain right before Thanksgiving…this is our backyard…it was a swamp. I always say I am going to go around and take pics of the flooding, because it is SO crazy, but I never do….one day, one day…..





November 20th was my little brothers birthday (and crazy uncle Eddie)!!!!! This was us in the Dominican.


I happened to look down at my phone at 11:20 on 11-20… hehehhehheee




I made a tree skirt for my tree at home…….It will look amazing once I get the tree up…… heheheheee




OOOOOOO – Hello Ladies made this AWESOME button picture frame, we are SO in love with it….AND it’s also for sale…..if interested……



Well there has been a whole lot more, but my eyes are crossing….. I promise more great PiC posts soon!  :)