Wednesday, October 28

The Last Couple of Days ...

Soooo I spent Tuesday Night crafting my fingers to the BONE! Well, not really. I got a lot done... and then just added more to the never ending list of things I needed to take care of before this weekend. Dot (the cat) was my crafting buddy, when she wasn't trying to eat ribbon (she's a little obsessive about ribbon).
I realized as I was pulling out my hot glue gun (which I haven't used in FOREVER) had a button hot glued to thought it was pretty ironic and super funny (I was a litte delirious at this point in the night, so there were a lot of things that were super funny), here's the pic.....

Ummm, let's see what else has happened this week. Today (after work) I spent a good hour reading comments about a review this lady gave about the Twilight books..... first off: I like the Twilight Series and I was amazed at what these people were saying, ignorance was running amuck. I should mention that this was a christian review, and I was expecting the battle, but DANG!!! It was CRAZY!!! Of course being me.....I wrote a 2 page...yes....2 page comment to be added to the list per the moderators permission. I see enough evil and bad things on regular tv to where people have no excuse to go on an evil rabbit trail. ANYWAY - I will blog about it someday, and I'm sure I will get some interesting comments....i don't really care, I have my research .... have you done yours????? MUAHHHHAAHAHAAA

hmmmmmm, i think that's about all that's gone on this week - so far.

:D - have a great day


Saturday, October 24

Shirt Pocket Pillow

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Well, so far I've had a pretty uninteresting weekend, so I thought I would post a very cute and neat idea from LeighAnn. I think a trip to Goodwill is in order next week. I LOVE it!!

Our next craft fair is next weekend on Halloween. All the ladies are very excited!

Chat at everyone later.

Monday, October 19

workin on it .....

I'm working on a new layout..... right now anything I am trying to edit is not opening or it's being stupid, so bear with me ..... :)

Sapphire Blue Jay Yarn Wreath

Sapphire Blue Jay Yarn Wreath
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why oh why do I love this SOOOOOO much. I love the idea, the process behind it, the colors....sigh, I must run to Hobby Lobby sometime this week and get materials to start making me one :)

Wednesday, October 14

What's that in the sky????

It's blue sky!!! We haven't seen that in DAYS!!! It's wonderful. This is the view outside of my little office this afternoon.

Okay back to more crafty things. Our business "Hello Ladies" is up and running crazy! We have a blog, a Flickr, an Etsy, a Facebook.....ummm, yeah that 's all for now. Check us out, I'm headed home tonight to hopefully get some product on film so we can start listing. We are SUPER excited, Krystle and I have been on a 2 day business texting meeting and have loved every second of it. We have a confirmed Craft Show here in Benton on November 13th and 14th from 9am to 6pm @ the Saline County Fairgrounds (10th Annual Helping Hands Craft Show).

My Best Buddy Jess has a blog now (i told her she had to have one) so check that out also!


Love the pic above! Anywhoo I will blog at cha later!

Tuesday, October 13


It has been a crazy couple of months over at my household. Going here, doing that, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop till after the new year. So....I'm just hanging on and enjoying the ride. For those of you who don't know, my best buddies and I have started a business called "Hello Ladies", we make crafty goodness! We officially started selling our stuff in August at a church function, but this past weekend we were able to participate in Old Fashioned Day here in Benton. We set up our little 10x10 booth before the break of dawn and then waited patiently for the crowds to come....well they came, but not in the big number that the event had seen in the past. It was a whopping 51 degrees all day, with no sun, and lots of wind, needless to say we FROZE our butts off, but we had so much fun it didn't really matter :) We still made some moolah, got our name out there and made some contacts for another show or two. SO YAY for us....we are still believing that one day soon we will own our own shop and be able to craft the days away and help others become "crafty" like us....

chat at cha later!