Tuesday, April 27

Where have you Been???

Me.... right here, being SUPER busy!  :)
But I'm back after having a serious "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" moment this week.

Let me recap the last couple of weeks in some pics.....

First "Grill" night of the 2010 season, it was AMAZING!
Corn on the Cob....better when it's fresh from the grill, but we didn't have time.
Grilled Broccoli - YUMMMMMM-O
These are the most fattening potatoes on the PLANET, but taste heavenly!!!
The family loved it, excuse the pics...I snuck the camera to the dinner table.

Remember a couple of posts ago that my cat liked to lay on her back.....well, YAY I finally got pics of it.
Such a silly cat.

Our Youth/Church had our 7th Annual Big Press - a high school bench press competition.... it was a great time. We had 83 lifters and 21 people asked Jesus in their hearts and lives.... couldn't ask for a better night.
Our guest speaker was Rotnei Clarke - Razorback Basketball. He did an amazing job!
Alyssa and SarahBeth
Krystle working the stage camera
ME! Working the "crowd" camera.  :)


I graduated from the Indie Biz 2.0 class.....well I haven't "finished", but I'm printing my diploma anyway.
AMAZING class - made lots of new friends and once Hello Ladies gets back into the swing of things, we will be applying tons of stuff I learned in this class.

Sunday at Youth, we played "Human Fooseball" ..... it was crazy and too funny!

Yup, that's my brother - anything to get the crowd crazy and happy..... or scared.
We popped both of the ball, so we had to quit.  :(

This morning I woke up to find a mutant spider in my kitchen sink.... {cue "jaws" music} It was just sitting there, planning out it's day, thinking about what kind of coffee it was going to order...... I had to wake up Brand to take care of it.
My Hero  :-D

On that note - here is one of my new favorite songs.....
(I don't know why it's off the page..... but you get the idea. If you want to see the "full" version.... link)

Have a great day


Krystle said...

spiders are so freakin scary

Amanda said...

Yeah I would have freaked out if I had seen that spider! Must say, the human fooseball looks entertaining. Have to try that some day.

Jerskuh said...

Bahahahaha! That's why I love you. I need to catch up on my blogging too, but today is not the day for it... or maybe it is. :)

Krystle said...

p.s.i tagged you in a survey on my blog :-)

photography4me said...

OMG I would have really freaked out if I seen a spider like that in my house. What kind was it?
My cats both lay on there backs just like that. I think it is soooo cute!