Thursday, April 1

hello flowers.

Yesterday I noticed that my single tulip had lived to see another spring. I planted too many to count, but this one lone tulip has come back for 3 years now. So cute!
Kayla (step-daughter) got in trouble last week while at her mom's and was grounded over the weekend she came to stay with us. So her and her little sister, Gabby, got to rake and clean my yard up! It looks SO nice. Gabby loves to work in the yard, so that wasn't punishment for her, but Kayla is not a fan of the outdoors, so it was a perfect punishment. I didn't get pics though, because Brand and I spent the day rearranging and cleaning our bedroom. It was LONG overdue! It is SO much better now that we have gotten rid of all the dust bunnies. BACK to the yard. I also have Iris' coming in and a little purple flower (may be a weed), I also have a back flower bed that needs some attention desperately. The girls may get to help me with that next time they're here.
 My mom is the one with the green thumb....she has a whole green hand, she can grow anything, and has saved countless plants from death at my house.  :)
It was another beautiful day here in Arkansas, Easter is Sunday!!! I am SO excited, I get to be in charge of the egg hunt for the whole children's ministry.....eeek! We are going to have a blast. Currently there are 1128 eggs in my office at work ready to be hid....need tons more, but it's a great start. I will post pics of our fun on Easter.

Have a beautiful day!


leah said...

Yay! Flowers! :) I'm not so great in that department, either - even though I love 'em! Ha! Enjoy your Easter!

Bri said...

Your garden is looking good! We plan on working on ours this weekend!


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Jillian said...

tulips are so wonderfully representative of beautiful.