Thursday, April 22

50th Follower!

Wow - have I been absent or what? So sorry, but life has just been crazy, crazy, but I will get back into the swing of things.

1st of all - my BlackJack 2 phone died  :(   - so I am down to a hand me/hand me down and it is .... yucky.

2nd - I've been at work/church just about everyday for the last 2 weeks for one reason or the other.

3rd - I've been super duper uninspired ... you know how it is.

So beginning this week, I am picking myself up by the boot straps and getting back into the blogging world!

OH and HEY I reached 50 followers today...... yay for me and for you! :-)

Will be back tomorrow for a "real post" - I promise.



katiebug92 said...

congrats! I hit 50 followers recently too!

Art Mama said...

So pleased you're back, Mandy. You probably got out of the swing of things when Indie biz was on too - I know I did.

Can wait to see what you do next!!!!