Thursday, February 24

Early in the morning, my song shall rise to Thee

Pastor Pat had an amazing message last night about the Church as a whole not being hungry and thirsty for the things of God. He prayed for everyone last night and sure enough, I woke up at 5:30 (usually wake up an hour later) ready to start my day in the Word. I am now encouraged, charged up, focused and ready to start my day.  :)

Most of the images came from this site. I do not suggest wandering around the Tumblr site too much.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Monday, February 21

snow days, valentines day, cooking fun

So a couple of weeks back we had a couple of fun snow days! 7-8 inches! It was flat out beautiful.....I miss it. Right before the snow Brand and I got some supplies to make bacon wrapped japaleno cream cheese filled....yummy-mess. Drool at the pics below, they were amazing.

 Thankfully right before the snow this movie came in! I absolutely LOVE Tammy and the Bachelor. I have not seen any of the other Tammy movies, I am looking forward to watching those.

OH! I also became a full fledged nerd and used the headset while playing Black Ops........I looked less like a nerd than I thought! Yay me! I think my husband was proud.

Here are a few pics of our snow day! It was some of the best days. I loved being snowed in, I could have been snowed in for a couple of more days, but melted rather quickly.  :(

Brand and Kayla played paintball on the Saturday before Valentines Day, so Gabby and I worked on our Valentine Cards, baked some cookies, and cleaned a bit.

 It's tax time here at the Deiterings......ugh....

We had a special Valentines Dinner as a family. The girls helped set up the table isn't it adorable! We had a great time!

Right now we are still busy, busy, busy. Will get back with some fresh news super soon!  :)

Monday, February 14

Happy LOVE Day

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. I am working on a super cute blog post, but just wanted to make you aware of an amazing give-away over at ....

You should swing by there and check it out!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Monday, February 7

Hello Crazy Weekend!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another crazy weekend here at the Deitering house! We have got all our tax stuff together and scheduled our date with the tax guy...... here is what my dining room table looks like.....

This past Sunday (SuperBowl Sunday, or course) our church had a SuperBowl Party.....I had a SuperCraft Night. Same place, two totally different worlds, but we had a BLAST! The ladies absolutely loved it, and everyone brought some AMAZING food, I am super excited about a new dish to try out realllllll soon. (will share when I do it)
We had a "snow day" on Friday which COMPLETELY ruined my weekend. The Hello Ladies were suppose to go to Eureka Springs and spend the weekend up there......too much ice and snow. So we changed our plans to try and go south.....snow and ice in Dallas and the surrounding areas. We then decided to go to HotSprings.....that happened on Saturday, which I didn't get to go.  :(  BUT I did get to play Call of Duty alot with Brand and some of the youth from church.  :)

 Look at my beautiful box of beads that I have organized.....sigh, I love!

Arkansas is expecting some major snow on Wednesday.....don't tell anyone, but I am pretty
exited about it.  :)  Gotta get to the store and get my bread, milk and random item.... will share about the random item later....


Tuesday, February 1

Dominican Republic - how i love thee

These past couple of days I have really had the Dominican Republic on my heart. I think it was because a friend from church and I ended up talking about our missions trip last summer and how she was trying to decide whether she wanted to go or not. I just told her about the trip and then I have not been able to shake the images I saw, or the feelings I I thought I would do another Dominican picture post....

Our Childrens Crusade was AMAZING!! We had a sea of children before us, and though it was a bit crazy, (balloon issues, mobs of kids for candy, language barriers, and windy conditions) it was the highlight of my trip. I could spot in the crowd all the kids that we had been ministering to throughout the week and it was exciting that they came out.

Our nightly crusades were powerful and emotional. SOOOO many people and it was astounding to think that our little church from Benton Arkansas ( pulled this together. 1/3 of the city came to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.... 1/3!!!!!!! that is mind boggling!!!

Our amazing team (except for Kevin Looney) who was in the back of the crowd. We had such a great team, we didn't have any fights, everyone worked together, we had a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, and we will remember this for the rest of our lives!

Such sweet and happy people.

If I could have brought Adella home with me...... I would have. She was precious, we got to minister to her side of town twice, and I had the pleasure of being on that team both times. She was healed of some shoulder problems I believe on the first stop, and then she just loved on us in the next stop. She invited us to come to her house and have lunch with her ..... just flat our precious.

Patrick praying for a baby with stomach problems....

Their lives in this little town. This was a common scene that we came across. They had nothing, lived WAY below our poverty level, didn't have good water.....and they were happy. It completely changed my whole thought process on life in general.

It was a life changing experience and I am SO glad I went. If you ever get a chance to go on a missions trip.... do it. You will never be the same again....

Have a great day, and be a blessing to someone.