Monday, February 21

snow days, valentines day, cooking fun

So a couple of weeks back we had a couple of fun snow days! 7-8 inches! It was flat out beautiful.....I miss it. Right before the snow Brand and I got some supplies to make bacon wrapped japaleno cream cheese filled....yummy-mess. Drool at the pics below, they were amazing.

 Thankfully right before the snow this movie came in! I absolutely LOVE Tammy and the Bachelor. I have not seen any of the other Tammy movies, I am looking forward to watching those.

OH! I also became a full fledged nerd and used the headset while playing Black Ops........I looked less like a nerd than I thought! Yay me! I think my husband was proud.

Here are a few pics of our snow day! It was some of the best days. I loved being snowed in, I could have been snowed in for a couple of more days, but melted rather quickly.  :(

Brand and Kayla played paintball on the Saturday before Valentines Day, so Gabby and I worked on our Valentine Cards, baked some cookies, and cleaned a bit.

 It's tax time here at the Deiterings......ugh....

We had a special Valentines Dinner as a family. The girls helped set up the table isn't it adorable! We had a great time!

Right now we are still busy, busy, busy. Will get back with some fresh news super soon!  :)