Tuesday, August 30

Our Special Night

August 11th was our 10 year Anniversary!!! We’ve been SO busy, that we didn’t get to plan anything super elaborate, but we did get to go to a super nice dinner! I came home a little late to find that my sweetie pie husband had bought me “10” roses…. so sweet… I know…. He then took me to dinner and didn’t tell me where we were going (I hate to make dinner choices,  I was SOOOOO glad we got in the car and he just drove.

He took me to Arthur’s Steakhouse…..Pretty fancy place. The kind of place where the waiter places the cloth napkin in your lap, and are nice enough to take away the dishes that you don’t need with your dinner. Brand ordered a steak and got to pick out his own steak knife from a selection of steak knives….weird. It was the kind of place I felt high powered business deals were done every day….arthurs_02
I ordered Alaskan Halibut, it was pretty good, I think an actual Alaskan could have cooked it better.  Brand had a steak sampler, it looked good and he said it tasted really good.
When we walked in, they asked us if we were celebrating anything special, we of course said we were celebrating our anniversary….. at the end of dinner the staff surprised us with this amazing chocolate dessert! And a super sweet message……... I ALMOST shed a tear, almost, but I pulled it together.
We came home and ended the festivities in true “Deitering” fashion….. we played some BlackOps. 

If you are in Little Rock, want to have a very fancy steak …. visit Arthurs Steakhouse!


Jerskuh said...

Ole Deitering can take you out fancy when he puts his mind to it! :) Seriously, congrats to you both!