Monday, August 29

Girls Night Out 2011

This past Friday was our 9th Annual Girls Night Out! This event is for our teen girls 6th – 12th grade, we decorate the sanctuary and other parts of the building really neat-o and prepare a pretty amazing night for them. They show up for registration at about 7 pm and this year we ended at 2 am. In years past we have gone from 7 pm till 7 am….. that was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. We tried some new ideas on décor and they turned out really cool.


Yarn wrapped balloon pods – awesome idea….one of the most messiest crafts I have ever done….. GLUE everywhere!!!!!! Although it was AWESOME to let the glue dry and then peel it off like when we were kids.








We started the night with Dinner, then Praise and Worship, then Pastor Jessica spoke about having and being a voice in their generation. After she spoke we had Wild Drink Mix time. Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke mixed with any 2 flavors they wanted……we had mango, strawberry, blue raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and a whole bunch more. They girls loved it, and then had them name all their drinks. There were some great ones.


We also did a 90 minute workout with Richard Simmons (totally awesome) and then we decorated cupcakes, had some girl talk time, played some relay races and then we went home. It was a memorable event and I look forward to our 10th anniversary next year! If anyone wants any details on what we do, or how we pull these nights off, just send me an email.