Tuesday, August 9

Summer Camp Wrap Up

Yes, I am finally going to blog about the awesome summer camp that our church did at the last minute (3 weeks to plan). It was SOOOO much fun and turned out great. I was pleased with the turn out.

awesome sign

This was the sign that was the first thing the kids saw! Our secret name for camp was "Camp Awesome," because it was awesome and it pulled so many of my talented friends together.

p and w

I had the youth band come and do live praise and worship instead of DVD’s..... the kids LOVED it and we also used some of our youth in the band, so they were able to be rock stars for the evening.

alligator farm entrance

We went to an Alligator Farm in Hot Springs....It was too cool! Look at all our awesome orange shirts!!!!! Anywho, the alligator farm was really neat, they had a petting zoo with goats and we got to go visit them. THEN we got to see and hold some alligators!!!

holding alligator

Yesssssss, it was a really cool experience.

magic springs

After the Farm we too the whole crew (all 50 of us) to Magic Springs, which is our version of Six Flags. We didn’t lose anyone, no one got sunburnt, no kids got sick, and no fights broke out.....success!

photobooth fun1

Back at the church, we had a PhotoBooth set up...... and it’s needless to say that we got some spectacular photos of the kids. Anytime the Booth was open, there was always a line waiting for silly and crazy camp pics. Will do this again for sure.

poop deck

We learned and plated the game of Poop Deck......Message me if you want the details, GREAT way to wear them out before movie and bed time. This is me explaining the rules.


The next morning, my hubby made us a slip ’n slide off the back of the church...... as you can see it was amazing. We added dish soap of course, for more "slideability"........ again, no one got hurt and no one was sunburnt!


This was the crew.......minus a few due to them cleaning or going home early. My leaders and jr. leaders were outstanding. I could not have pulled it off without them! Food was great (thanks Mrs. Liz)! Decor was SO fun (thanks Jordan, Josie, Matt, Alyssa, and Jessica). I hope we do another one, because I have lifelong memories of this one!

Will blog another time on all the decor pics, and photobooth ideas and props, it was a big project, but we pulled it off under budget.




Krystle said...

we pulled it off under budget because TOGETHER WE'RE INVINCIBLE! :-)