Tuesday, October 25

Secret Confession

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Why? Because I do.

Usually people need something RIGHT THEN and I am in the middle of 400 other things.

OR they want to ask a question that I am not a liberty to tell them the answer to.

OR it’s a problem that I have to fix when I don’t know how to fix it.

OR a teacher didn’t show up in the nursery.

OR it’s something that they ‘really’ don’t need to talk to me about.

OR I forgot to do something and it’s at panic stage now.

OR ……. well you get the point.

SO, if you ever come up and say “I need to talk to you” and I have a panicked look…. this is way.

Be kind to me. Please.




Jerskuh said...

Hey Mandy, I need to talk to you... Haha!!