Tuesday, October 4

Sneak Peak

Change is in the air. Weather, life, seasons, work…everything is changing and becoming better and better. With that “change in the air” and because I know that the holiday season is crazy busy, I tried to do a little planning ahead. In the nursery/toddler/pre-school area at CPC:Benton (Kingdom Kids) I got the volunteer calendar for October pretty much squared away and when I pulled my November calendar out I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn’t have to do much to it! It was already all filled in with happy volunteers…. YAY! They are SO awesome! After the calendars were hung in eyesight, I moved on to working on the November and December Lessons……it went so well that I got our lessons planned out till August of next year!!!! What???? I know.


(wall of inspiration….well black board)

I then moved to my favorite part of working in the Kingdom Kids area (other than the kiddos of course) is ….. CRAFTS!!!! You should have expected that one.  :) Here is a sneak peak of a few crafts we will be pulling out in November…..


(made this today!)

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(pretty excited about the Thankful Tree…..So gonna do this at home too)


Of course when you talk about Thanksgiving you automatically want to move to Christmas!!!!! There will be a party for the Kingdom Kids at church on Sunday the 18th, don’t know all the particulars, I DO know it will be a BLAST. We’ll have games, crafts, coloring sheets, candy and cute snacks…..sigh, I am a little sad it is only October.  :) Here is a quick sneak peak of a few goodies we will be doing that day (IF all goes to plan).

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How cute are these??? Really?

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I can’t show you anymore, the rest you will have to see in December.  :)

I am also planning a Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Party for all my wonderful workers at my home sometime in December….. I am excited to be trying out a couple of recipes….. here is a sneak peak of those ….. get your taste buds ready……

Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread.

Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Bread

Easy Chicken and Bean Soup,

Chicken and Bean Soup

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Monkey Bread Muffins (AMAZING)


That’s all I can tell you, I am getting really hungry.  :) It’s gonna be a great season, and I am excited to share it with friends and family and starting new traditions and reliving some old ones….. EEEEEEKKKKK It’s gonna be awesome!