Monday, January 4

2010 - New-ness!

So we have hit 2010! 2009 was not a horrible year for our little family, but we did have some heartache. In October one of the youth in our youth group was killed while riding his 4-wheeler with his friends. It hit us and the church pretty hard, but we know he is in heaven having a blast, but we do miss him a bunch.

Hello Ladies was birthed at the end of 08, but was techincally started in March of 09. It's been such a wild ride and I only expect it to get better and better!

I've started the new year with a few projects! i started a the picnic blanket I saw on Rachel's blog, I have the top all finished and I am going to embroider a few cute little things before I actually "quilt" it, but it is going by really quick! AND i have already started 3 baby quilts for the Etsy store, they are cut out and ready to be put together -- here are a few pics ....

Super cute ... right??? I HAVE to find some "boy" material, so I can break out of the pinks and yellows! But I am really excited about these projects. And again... I have pics of those little 'critters' I made, but they didn't make it home with me. I will be sure and post them tomorrow.....I promise!

Ummm, that's all for this post, I guess..... here are a few inspiration pics for your viewing pleasure.... Have a great day, we are expecting snow on Wednesday night!! YIPPEEE!

<----love the STRIPES
(and the baby is cute too)

not my cat, but Abbie would totally have torn up the whole package of paper towels  .... hehehheee

I am going to make more Bubble Tea this year. I have the stuff, and the recipe, I just haven't done it  :(

so not really inspiration, but pure funniness! My oldest brothers goat, with my dad's reading glasses.....too funny!

Ok, that's enough!