Friday, January 14

Dinner and a Movie Night

Tonight after we picked up the girls, we decided to have some yummy Chinese Buffet!!! We always enjoy our fortune cookies, and they did not let us down tonight!
( i couldn't rotate the pic.... sorry)

After dinner we chose the movie Despicable Me, which the girls had not seen yet. Such a cute movie! This will be the first "KOT:Conway Movie Night"!  We are pretty sure that the character Agnes is a spin off of Gabby.....

 Watch it.... you'll see!

This pic is just for your viewing pleasure, this is Matt - one of my sound guys in Conway. I finished my lesson WAY too early, and the boys had a little tooooo much fun with the extra balloons.   :-)

Tomorrow we are going to hang advertising door hangers for the church in Conway, it should be a great day!