Monday, January 24

My Cooking Saturday!

This past Saturday I participated in the Dinner's On Connection Group at CenterPoint!!!! We share a TON of laughes, we made about 5 tons of food and made some new friendships!

Noodles for the Chicken Spaghetti

Crystal W - keeping the kitchen clean

Melissa working on an egg wash for the Pork Chops....or the Cheese Stuffed Chicken.... not sure.  :)

Finishing up one of the Chicken Pot Pies

Starting on my own personal chicken pot pie...... yumm-o

our 43 pounds of minced onions.....heheheee

Boiled chicken

Lisa - taking charge!

a word of prayer before we got started....thank goodness we started with that!

getting started

Savory Pork Chops

I am SOOOOO looking forward to next month!

k - bye!