Thursday, January 27

Frazzled Day

today was pretty much the most frazzled day i have had in a REALLLLLLLYYYY long time. It all started yesterday when I was stupid and accidently downloaded a virus on my work computer........ yeah ......... it took our computer guy 'Joe the Computer Hero', about 3 hours to get it to come back on and me be able to work. As soon as he left, I put all my documents, movie, and music on dvd's - well as many as I could - and then hopped on the internet for just a minute.... and the virus came back. I unplugged the internet, shut off the computer and went to church and then home. This morning I turned on the computer and ........ nothing. So I have been scrambling from computer to computer, and printer and printer, it's been a mess.
Here is the deadly virus, Joe was AMAZED at this thing! Whatever....

This was my office today. It is usually semi-clean, but not today. It was a super crazy day, I am glad I had Ladies Craft Night to go to tonight, or I might have gone home to cry, just from sheer frustration.

I got good news yesterday 
I am SOOOOO excited! I will be bumming it up tomorrow and watching this!

Anyhoo I am hosting a Movie Night for the Children's Church in Conway on Saturday and we are watching Despicable Me..... Krystle and I are thinking of cute ways to make twinkies look like little minions from the movie...... I will post pics if we figure it out.

Did I mention I am in LOVE with this dress???? Because I am.

Have a great friday everyone!


Krystle said...

aw so sorry! :-(