Monday, January 31

My Wonderful Weekend

After the horrific Thursday I had, my weekend completely made up for it! Friday morning I got a call and my parents wanted to go spend the glorious day out Flea Marketing in Conway. So I got ready and we headed out. I had a blast! We got to spend lunch time with Krystle at Slim Chickens (yummy-o) and then we went back out. I got some pretty spectacular deals, though I didn't get pics of everything ... :( but here are a few from my day.

I bought a TON of buttons, most of which were pretty unique, so I was happy!

I bought this super large pic for my office at CPC - only $30.00. what??? I know!!!
I found this pic amusing....

my dad and a stuffed .... something....

you find the craziest things while at flea markets - this is a drawing of the Clintons' cat Socks.... was $117.00..... no thank you.

cutest broccoli figurine EVER!!

I SOOOO wanted to buy this vintage dress..... but who would wear it??? no one.  :)

fell in love with this tea set... who wouldn't

saw an antique switchboard! I had never seen one up close before, it was amazing.

heheheheee - i feel this way sometimes.  :)

found the CUTEST blue hippo!!! Think I am going to use it in children's church to tell stories.

mom and dad - sorry mom, you moved....

bought a cute hat!

stayed clear of the jack in a box toy...... pure evil

was super tempted to add to my collection.... i have about 10 of these types of cups in different designs and colors... i heart them.

and a beautiful sunset followed us home.

I also had a movie night with the kids in Conway on Saturday, but I am going to do another post on that. It was a super great weekend and I had a blast. Thanks to my mom and dad for pulling me out of the house, I needed it.    :)

be back with another post real soon!


thursday said...

Visiting a flea market always makes things better! I've collected a massive button stash through flea markets and thrift shops. And you know that dress is pretty adorable. I'd like to give it a go!