Sunday, September 4

My First Football Game!!!

Yes, I am sad to admit that I have never been to a live football game…. ever! Every year our two cities play against each other in what has become the biggest High School Football Game in the state…. they call it the SaltBowl….. For some reason I wanted to go this year, and Brand did too……so we got our tickets and away we went. When you buy your tickets, you are also purchasing a school shirt, so you have to pick which side you are on. I graduated from homeschooling, so I didn’t ‘really’ have a preference, but IF I would have gone to school here in Arkansas, I would have attended Bryant. Brand went to Benton…. I bought a blue shirt, he bought a maroon shirt. I was just going to sit on the maroon side with my blue shirt and be happy, but ……. NO. For my safety I was told to wear maroon….so one of my Benton friends let me borrow a shirt.


I had a GREAT time!!! We were surrounded by a ton of friends and the family of one of the players (who is also a member of our church and youth group). We cheered and cried and gasped and was disappointed when Benton didn’t win. It was an awesome game though.



This was our view all night…….Bryant Blue. They have awesome fans!


Scary Benton Panther Run Through Blow-Up thingy!!


One of our youth is on the Flag Team.  :)  Go Bekah!!!


Pastor Kevin did an amazing service the week before the SaltBowl on “Where our Heartbeat” was. I will blog more on that fun night when I get all the pics together!!!


I had a great time….don’t know if I would do it every Friday Night… but I had fun!!!