Saturday, September 24

1st Full Day of Vacation!

Last night we got out and went into town and decided we needed to take some cute pics in front of the palm trees on the boardwalk….



We then went to eat at a place we didn’t get to eat at last time, the Hangout! It was a really neat place, if you are in the Gulf Shores area, check it out.  :)


The next morning, Brand and I “thought” we were sleeping in, but when we checked the clock it was 7:10…..ugh. I went ahead and got up, went out to the balcony and read my Bible. Something I LOVE to do when we are on vacation, especially here at these condos. The view is great, no one is up, there is just me, God and the ocean. Perfection.


After a bit, Brand got up and we took a walk on the beach and learned some interesting things about sea life….. Did you know that stingrays like to ride waves? Well the ones we saw on our walk did. Brand said they were hunting, but I think you can mix business and pleasure when you live in the ocean. It was pretty cool to spot out the stingrays in the water and then try and see where they went on their hunt. ALSO, fish like to ride the waves. As the clear waves were rolling in you could see schools of fish in the waves… was awesome. I got SO excited each time we saw it. Yes….I am a tourist.  :)


After our walk we came back, bummed around for a little bit and then we went to a pretty good sized outlet mall near us. We shopped till we dropped. We had a great time. Below is a pic of my lunch… honey chicken from the food court, it was yummy. I’m sure you don’t care, but whatever…


We got done shopping and decided that we were all tired and didn’t want to get back out and eat later tonight, so we went to the grocery store and picked up some dinner to cook and that is where we are now. Jess and I are on the computers, Brand and Kevin are on BlackOps…… They have done some fancy rigging to get this set-up below…. hehehehheehe


As long as we are relaxing on vacation, I don’t care what we are doing…..  :)


Jess snapped this pic of us last night when we were headed to dinner…. I love it.  :)


Tomorrow is beach day! We are hopefully gonna spend the whole day soaking up the sun, playing in the water and relaxing. We figured that since Sunday’s are usually our busiest days of the week, we would make this one the most relaxing. I should have some hilarious pics of Brand and Kevin to show and tell…. check back!!!