Monday, September 26

Vacation day #….. ummm

The days have all run together… which is great.

Yesterday we stayed on the beach for most of the day, and today I paid for it. I am quite crispy, but I will survive.  :)

I started out the day waking up at 6:49!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! I ate my breakfast and chatted with Jesus while everyone else got around to waking up. While the others ate breakfast I happened to glance out the windows and see a whole crew of dolphins swimming on our shoreline. There were a TON of them. Their little fins kept popping up all over the place.


Those two little black spots…..yup dolphins. They were sneaky and I couldn’t get much of a picture, this is with my good camera and a great zoom lens….. whatever, you get the point.


The guys didn’t stay too long at the beach, the waves were a little low…….they headed to the condo to play more Black Ops, it was double xp you know.  :)

Quick video of the guys


This was our “cabana” for the day. Yes, it is a little ghetto…… but we loved it.  :)


We had the seagulls join us for lunch, they had a great time snacking on bread crusts and potato chips.



We also had this visitor come and hang out right in-front of our cabana.

After the day at the beach we came back, got all cleaned up and then headed to our favorite pizza place --- the Mellow Mushroom!




We then skirted off to The Trac. Which is a place with go-carts and bumper boats, putt-putt, and an arcade inside. Jess and I headed for the skee-ball area and cleaned up on tickets!!!



for 101 tickets Jess and I split them and got 10 “friendship bracelets”!!!! WOO! yeah….

We had a blast though.


TODAY I slept in till a whopping 8:30!!! Whoo! No dolphins sightings this morning… :(

We finally got up and around and went to lunch at Ribs & Reds….


It was SOOOOOOO good!!! Although Jess and I ordered the Ribs and Reds lunch platter, which is ribs and shrimp…. we were both unaware that the shrimp came steamed with the heads on….. totally gross. I man-ed up and took care of my shrimp and Jessica’s shrimp because it was freaking her out.  BUT all in all it was super amazing. Thanks to Craig Alberius for the recommendation.


When then headed to the mall and I picked up a few goodies for me and Hello Ladies…..


(my new computer tote)


Brand won me a SpongBob from the claw machine.  :) He has such a talent for those things.


HAD A BLAST TODAY! Don’t have a clue what we are doing tomorrow, but it will be amazing. TAKE THAT BACK ….. Tomorrow we will be heading to our nearest music store and purchasing the NEW SWITCHFOOT album!!!! WHAT???? YES!!!!!