Sunday, September 11

A Day to Remember

I have been seeing people post what they were doing that Tuesday morning 10 years ago, so I will let you know what I was doing that day. I looked at a timeline of the events, and the morning that day was a bit fuzzy, but here is what I remember…….


I was late for work for some reason that morning, I was listening to Alice 107.7 and I heard them talking about a plane that had crashed into the World Trade Center. At that time they thought it was only a small plane and that it was an accident. When I got to work, everyone was working on getting our Dayschool ready to open in a few days, so no one knew about what was going on. I came in, told everyone what was going on and then we flipped on the TV. If you don’t know, I work at my Church so the only TV we had was in Pastor Pat’s office. He was there and the moment the TV was on, we sat and stared for the rest of the day. We all silently prayed for our country, our people, our president, we answered the phones, most calls were from members who were upset and wanting to know what to do. It was all very surreal, like a dream. We could not get away from the TV, I don’t think we went to lunch, I don’t think we took bathroom breaks, we just stayed put and watched every angle and every image that the News threw at us. I remember going home that night, placed a candle on my porch in memory, Brand came home and we just held each other on the couch and I cried. The loss of life hit me SO hard.

There are images that I will never forget, ever.



This pic haunt my dreams. I cannot even imagine….there are no words….



So where ever you were and whatever you were doing…..I think we all felt the same, and that brought us together as a country. Let’s not forget that either….