Tuesday, February 23

Friendship Month!!!! My BFF Jess

National Friendship Month is in full swing, but I have yet to join in, so I am going to start with my very BFF Jessica.

We've been friends since I moved from Colorado, back in 98, but we didn't become really good friends until we both started to plan our weddings at the same time for the same year. Our hubbies were room-mates so we ended up spending a lot of time together. Once married we lived within a couple of miles of each other and we dealt with the fun of 'newlymarried' life together.

She calls me her brain, and she helps me not be a hermit and breaks me out of my comfort zone quite regularly. Always bursting my protective 5 inch bubble of 'do not touch me' space. 
 :-)  She is very much the sister I never had!

Another shared passion is crafting/art - me the crafting and her the art. We've had the most amzing nights crafting and talking about the future, or stupid movies, or random weirdness....they've been good times.
OH and we share a love of twizzlers! 
She is an amazing woman, and my life would be dull and boring without her in it! Such a woman of God and an inspiration to me on an everyday basis.
We also have a passion for Jessica coloring my hair.... as you can see throughout the pics and the years.....hehehheee!
I love you Jess! You are totally my BFF!
(and we both love Twilight....heheheee)


Krystle said...

Two of my favorite people :-)

Jerskuh said...

Awh! I think I cried a little!! You are my BFF too and I am so grateful for you! We did do alot of hair coloring didn't we??? Lol :-)

Jolie said...

Thanks for following my blog! I think it's so awesome that you and your friends have your own crafty business!!! Lucky you guys!