Thursday, February 25

Laundry....piles and piles of it!

A little secret of mine ..... I like doing the laundry! I like gathering up about 3 baskets of clean clothes, sitting on the floor with them around me, putting on a good movie, and then go to town. Piles of nice, clean, organized laundry. Now putting away the clothes........well I don't count that as doing "laundry", because I don't like putting them away.  hehehehee.

I know clothes lines aren't practical, but this pic makes me want a clothes line real bad.....just to take these kind of pics. I know, I know....I'm weird like that.  :)
Nope, this isn't my laundry room, but it is super pretty, so I thought I would post. I had a bunch more pics, but they were saved to the wrong place and didn't make it to the sorry.

What is going on over in Mandy Land..... I have been matching up fabrics and getting ready to start sewing like a mad woman on our "critters" for Hello Ladies, AND some new dolls in our "Something" line. (they all have S first names and Something is their last name....Sammy, Sally, Suzie....etc.) It's gonna be fun. Matching up fabric is so much fun AND such a pain, I love it.
Sammy is currently on vacation in Texas with my parents, visiting family and friends, dropping off his girlfriend Sally..... I'll have pics when they get back Monday or Tuesday, this will be a whole segment! Sammy was my first "Something" and he may end up traveling the world and getting pics made with people.

This is for you Krystle, but I saw this over on VioletBella's blog and I thought of your "space" issues!

OH and Janel is doing a super neat giveaway over at her blog in honor of having 400 followers! So check it out and enter yourself!
Gotta get back to sewing, but I thought I would stop for a moment and let you peak into my world.   ;)
Have a great night everyone!

PS and BTW - HelloLadies made their first ETSY sale!!!!!! WooHoo. Ironic as it sounds, but our first etsy sale item was actually the first onesie we ever made......(twilight zone music) ..... creepy.  :)


Krystle said...

you know what's hilarious...i have a shoe rack like that hanging in my closet at school...oddly enough all my shoes are on the floor and the rack is full of yarn haha

DeAndra said...

I like the IDEA of a clothesline, but I don't really want to use a clothesline! :) Love your "Somethings"!