Friday, February 12

Yay for Finished Projects!

Today I finally finished my first baby quilt!!! WOOHOO! Well, technically my second, but I'm not counting the first one.... It has some uneven lines, and some odd puckers, but I think it is pretty good for the first!

I'm ready to start on the second one, which has some pretty amazing fabric!!!

The 'Sweat Shop' is overflowing with Critter parts, ready to be put together as soon as I have the inspiration to make their faces. Which I hope to have this weekend sometime.

I have been eyeballing these cute Bandana Dresses for a couple of months now, and after completing the quilt......I think I am ready to start on something a little more ambitious. They tell me this is a 15 minute dress......we shall see.....This bandana is what I want to use, and here are a few examples of what I want it to look like...

And then one day........I think this is very neat! -link-

OH - I also got my homemade marshmallows in the mail from the FoodSnob on etsy.....they are amazing! I will be ordering from there again!

I am also pretty excited about taking this online class, it is going to be such an awesome experience!

Valentines Day is Sunday....also Krystle's birthday.....gonna have a super special post on that on....Sunday. 

That's all for now! Have a great day! 


abcimpressions said...

I absoluately loved the bandana dresses. The girls and I are trying to find easy dresses to make for young girls in Africa. We have a missionary family we're trying to support. Maybe you could show Katie, Megan and I how to make them?

I also love your coasters and plan to order some after Wayne leaves.

Melissa Jenkins

leah said...

WhooHoo! You've been busy! Love the handkerchief dresses! Totally adorable! :D

Good luck on learning the sewing! ;)

Mandy Deitering said...

Melissa!!! We would love to help out! Let me get one under my belt (I am better sure they are easy to make), and I would be happy to show you guys how.

Thanks Leah!

Krista said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am really excited for the Indie class also, hope to make a lot of 'blog' friends!

Krystle said...

my mom made me a bandana skirt for my first school dance. It was "country" themed :-) I wore pig tails and a cowboy hat with it. lol